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Lou Christie
Gypsy Bells -
Columbia Recordings 1967

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all the singles and 15 previously unreleased masters

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Vic Templar writes, No one makes music like Lou Christie, a man whose distinctive formula located the musical G-spot and delivered pop ecstasy. This archival release covers the 15 months he spent at Columbia, during which four singles were released, included here in Mono and Stereo, plus 15 unreleased tracks.
With a few judicious covers in the mix [Jobim, Bacharach & David], it's primarily Lou and Twyla Herbert compositions, arranged by Charles Calello. The results are stunning. The immense 'Holding On For Dear Love' should have been a worldwide floor-filler and, if you appreciate the magnificence of 'Lightnin' Strikes,' prime yourself for 'Yellow Lights Say,' 'Don't Stop Me' [a prototype 'She Sold Me Magic'], 'Gypsy Bells', the smoldering soul of 'Paper and Paste' and the cabaret crooning of 'Escape.' Absolute solid gold.

Lou Christiie Songs Unvaulted
by Scott Tady
Beaver County Times

Music Reissues Weekly
by Kieron Tyler
Lou Christie - Gypsy Bells

First-time exploration of the ‘Lightnin’ Strikes’ hit-maker’s 1967 spell with Columbia Records

The Second Disc
by Joe Marchese
Gypsy Bells ... one of the most illuminating and worthwhile archival releases of the year

Gypsy Bells -
Columbia Recordings 1967

A long-overdue look at a little-heard side of the career of 60s pop giant Lou Christie – his great but ill-fated recordings for Columbia Records – most of which appear here for the first time ever! Lou hit the label right after a massive hit for MGM – and Columbia gave him plenty of time in the studio, and continued his work with producer Charles Calello – the genius who crafted so many wonderful settings for Christie, as well as the Four Seasons at the time. Calello's genius is in full effect here – creating these incredible backdrops for Christie's stunning vocals – really pushing him past simple pop into a whole host of different modes that make the whole thing a great "what if" – had the label not given up on Lou so quickly. The CD features great sound, detailed notes, and 24 tracks in all – 15 of which appear here for the first time ever – a blindingly great mix of tracks that includes "I Remember Gina", "The Greatest Show On Earth", "Blue Champagne", "Tender Loving Care", "Gypsy Bells, "Escape", "Standing On My Promises", "Shake Hands & Walk Away Cryin", "Self Expression", "Yellow Lights Say", "Meditation", and "How Many Days Of Sadness".
~ Dusty Groove


Kenta's Nothing But Pop!

Mr. Bacharach Longs To Be Close To You

Tight pants. High falsetto.
Smooth baritone.
Wild eyes. Pouting lips.
Wicked moves. Gyrating hips.
Something extra.
Something mysterious.
Something special.
Welcome to the world of
Lou Christie.
~ EnLIGHTNIN'ment:
The Best Of Lou Christie

He has the surname of a savior,
the Gypsy green eyes of a visionary,
the lyrical sense of a poet
and the five octave voice of an angel.
Lou Christie has it all.
Five Million-sellers.
Thirty-seven chart records.
Ethnicity. Electricity.
Sanctity. Sexuality.
Fantasy. Reality.
The history and mystery of Lou Christie.
~ Beyond The Blue Horizon:
More Of The Best Of Lou Christie

Record Collector Aug 2022
by Bob Stanley

This page is about the Lou Christie Fan Club founded by Harry Young in 1977. Harry Young has contributed to Lou Christie CDs released by ACE, Rhino, Taragon, Varese, RPM, Sequel and Collectables. From 1977 to 1999 the Lou Christie Fan Club published an underground fanzine titled Lightning Strikes The Lou Christie Newsletter (36 issues). In 2009 operations shifted to the Twitter / X account @EgyptianShumba

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Howard Stern:
Lou Christie
October 15, 2014

Lou Christie, Michael A. Levine & Mark Suozzo, songwriters
(Jeff Young & The World Sambola Chorus)

Official Video:
The Sambola!
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