by Harry Young and

Larry N. Houlieff  

Farewell Latterain

Joey Powers
Joseph S. Ruggiero
Dec 7, 1934 - Jan 20, 2017


April 15, 2013
Joey Powers
Vinyl Vic's Forgotten Teen Idols Vol. 4
FTR 2004 (73:51) Mono
30 Tracks
Not Including:
My Heart Is An Open Book
Walk Right In
Cindy Oh Cindy
Mission Bell
What Will My Mary Say
You're In A Bad Way
Land Of The Midnight Sun
You Loser, You Fool


Cash Box (CB) Joey Powers Bio, November 16, 1963; 25:33 

Billboard (BB) Joey Powers Bio, November 30, 1963 


As Joey Rogers
Vocal with Orch. And Marne Tones 

Bumble Bee (2:14)

(Joseph S. Ruggiero)

 Copyright Narwood, BMI March 4, 1958 /

 Who Can Explain It Then (2:55) 

(Miller - Shatsky) 

Copyright Margol, BMI 

 ~ Nu-Clear single NJR-1 / NJR-2
J8OW-1179 / J8OW-1180
BB rvw April 28, 1958
Nu-Clear Music Co, Columbus, Georgia


 As Joey Rogers
With The All Americans 

 Jeannine (2:01) 

(Joseph Ruggiero) 

Copyright Nuclear, BMI May 26, 1958 /  

They Didnít Believe Me (2:07) 

(Herbert Reynolds - Jerome Kern) 

Copyright T B Harms, ASCAP

~ Nu-Clear single (Un-Numbered)
J7OW-4478 / J7OW-1300
BB rvw October 27, 1958


As Joey Rogers 

The Bible Belt (2:03) AMP-45-4199

 (Charles Tobias-Arthur Altman)

 Copyright Sequence, ASCAP May 5, 1960

 Donít Go Away Mad (1:55) AMP-45-4200 

(Peter Udell-Gary Geld) 

Copyright Sequence, ASCAP May 5, 1960

 ~ ABC Paramount single 45-10110 

BB rvw May 9, 1960 


Unknown Artist 

Diggin' Up The Dirt On You 

(Joey Powers and Art Wayne) 

Copyright Pokvan June 11, 1962

  [Pokvan = POcKriss and paul VANce]


 Morey Carr (The Playmates) 

Meet Me Where We Used To Meet

 (Gail Powers, Al Wayne and Don Jordan) 

Copyright Catherine August 7, 1962 EU731126 Joey Powers, Danny Jordan, Art Wayne

 ~ Roulette single R 4454


 Brian Poole 

Meet Me Where We Used To Meet

 ~ UK Decca single F 11567 [January 1963] 

~ Monument single 846
BB rvw July 18, 1964, BB ad August 1, 1964 


As Joey Powers

 Jenny Wonít You Walk Up

 (Paul J. Vance-Leon Carr) 

Copyright Vanno April 10, 1962 EU 714729 

Two Tickets And A Candy Heart 

(Paul J. Vance-Leon Carr)

 Copyright Vanno April 10, 1962 EU 714727

 B/S Produced by Ray Ellis and Paul Vance

 ~ RCA single 47-8039

 BB rvw May 26, 1962 Special Merit Spotlight 


Donít Envy Me 

(Burt Bacharach-Hal David)

 Copyright Famous December 15, 1962 

Me Myself And I 

(Paul Vance-Al Byron) 

Copyright Vanno September 21, 1962

 ~ RCA single 47-8119

 BB rvw December 8, 1962

 Variety rvw December 5, 1962 


Unknown Artist 

Blue Must Be The Color This Year 

(Wayne Kent and Joey Powers) 

Copyright Vanno September 21, 1962 and Disal July 17, 1963 


Art Wayne = Wayne Douglas Kent, as per LOC


 Library Of Congress; Journal of Copyright Entries

 Music 1962≤ (July-December) index 

Joey Powers, pseud. See Pirollo, Joseph Robert 


Jerry Cole 

Midnight Mary 

~ Capitol single 5056

 BB rvw October 12, 1963 

Peaked at #46 on the 2SM Top 100 

week beginning November 29, 1963, LW: 50, WOC: 3 


Joey Powers

 Midnight Mary 

(Artie Wayne - Ben Raleigh)

 Copyright Jimskip [March 11, 1963~ LOC online] and December 30, 1963 EP-183245 

Where Do You Want The World Delivered

 (Ben Raleigh-Artie Wayne)

 Copyright September 30, 1963

 ~ Amy single 892

 BB rvw October 12, 1963 

Entered BB Bubbling Under November 2, 1963 @ #102; Peak #10; 13 weeks 


Ricky Dickens

 Midnight Mary

 ~ Hit single 98 [December 1963] 


The Rockin' Berries

 Midnight Mary 

~ UK Piccadilly single 7N 35327 [July 1966] 


Lorna Dune

 [Meet You At] Midnight Joey 

(Ben Raleigh-Art Wayne) 

Copyright Jimskip January 6, 1964 EU806163 

Note: Based On Midnight Mary 

ĎBí side: Iím Going With Bobby

 [Ruth Edelsberg-Pat Owen] 

Copyright Jimskip [December 16, 1963] 

~ Select single 730, BB rvw February 1, 1963 

Canadian 45 Scan
Courtesy Tom Adams

Lorna Dune
Midnight Joey
The Joy / Select Story:
President CD
4 September 2006

Lorna Doone
Dangerous Town
(Larry Fallon - James David Miller)
© Gaymar Music /
Who Knows It
(Larry Fallon - [James David Miller])
© Gaymar Music
RCA single 8532, CB rvw March 20, 1965


TITL: Nie mehr lass ich von Mary. English w and m Art Wayne and Ben Raleigh, German w Franz Ruger, arr. acMelodie der Welt, employer for hire of Bert Landers. ADTI: Midnight Mary. CLNA: Franz Ruger (A) and Melodie der Welt (PWH) DREG: 17Jan92 ODAT: 11Sep64; OREG: EU844046. OCLS: E LINM: NM: German words and arr. 



 ~ Amy album 8001-M Mono and
8001-S Stereo
All Tracks Stereo except Midnight Mary, Mono 

BB rvw February 1, 1964 

Side 1 

01 My Heart Is An Open Book


Copyright Sequence

  02 In The Morning Gloria 

(Ben Raleigh-Artie Wayne) 

Copyright Boston Road January 6, 1964

  03 Walk Right In 


Copyright Peer International 

04 The Love I'll Never Know 

(Ben Raleigh-Artie Wayne) 

Copyright Boston Road January 6, 1964

  05 Cindy Oh Cindy 


Copyright E. B. Marks 

06 Midnight Mary 

(Artie Wayne-Ben Raleigh) 

Copyright Jimskip [March 11, 1963~ LOC online] and December 30, 1963 EP-183245 

Side 2

  01 Walk Softly And Carry A Big Heartache

  (Artie Wayne-Ross Edwards, pseud of Ed Silvers)

  Copyright Boston Road and What's Happening January 6, 1964

  02 Just A Ribbon 


Copyright T. M. Music 

03 Mission Bell 


Copyright Bamboo 

04 High High Wall

  (Artie Wayne-Ben Raleigh) 

Copyright Boston Road January 6, 1964 

05 Don't Think Twice 


Copyright M Whitmark and Sons, ASCAP

  06 Open Doors And Smilin' Faces

  (Artie Wayne-Ben Raleigh) 

Copyright Boston Road January 6, 1964 

Produced by Artie Wayne 

Arranged and Conducted by Al Gorgoni 

The Girls: Jean Thomas and Leslie Hamblet 


Billy Old Buddy 

(C. Ballard-F. Tobias) 

In The Morning Gloria 

(Ben Raleigh-Artie Wayne)

 ~ Amy single 898 

BB rvw and ad February 15, 1964


 You Comb Her Hair 

(Hank Cochran-Harlan Howard) 

Copyright Pamper February 27, 1963 

Love Is A Season 

(Mark Barkan-Dick Heard) 

Copyright Metric June 8, 1964 

~ Amy single 903

 BB ad May 9, 1964 Coming This Week 

BB rvw May 16, 1964 

B/S Arranged and Conducted by Artie Butler


 {The} Tears Keep Falling Down 

(Jerry Keller-Gloria Shayne) 

Copyright Northern April 17, 1964

 Arranged and Conducted by Artie Butler 

Where Did The Summer Go 

(Peter Udell-Gary Geld) 

Copyright Geld-Udell September 9, 1964 

A Geld-Udell Production 

~ Amy single 914 

BB rvw October 10, 1964


 Joey Powers And The New Dimensions

 Baila Maria 

(Tash Howard, pseud of Howard Tashman) 

Gimme Gimme Gimme 


~ Amy single 986 

BB rvw May 13, 1967 

(Not rvw in CB) 

B/S Produced by Herb Bernstein 


Special Delivery from Bobby Bare, Joey Powers, Roy Orbison 

~ RCA Camden album CAL 820

  BB New Release May 30, 1964 

BB rvw June 13, 1964 

Jenny Won't You Walk Up 

(Paul Vance-Leon Carr) 

Copyright Vanno April 10, 1962 

What Will My Mary Say 

(Paul Vance-Eddie Snyder) 

Copyright Vanno September 21, 1962, 

Two Tickets A Candy Heart 

(Paul Vance-Leon Carr) 

Copyright Vanno April 10, 1962 and March 22, 1963 

Me Myself And I -- Orchestra conducted by Mort Garson



September 29, 1965, NYC 

65XY666 Leave Me Alone

 (Dan Elliot) 

Copyright South Mountain and Daniel Aug 16, 1965 

65XY667 I Love You 

(Teddy Randazzo-Bobby Weinstein) 

Copyright South Mountain November 18, 1965

 ~ MGM single K 13421 

BB Chart Spotlight January 22, 1966 


65XY668 I Canít Stay Away UNRELEASED 

(Teddy Randazzo-Teddy Weinstein-Bill Barberis) 

65XY669 Whatís Their Feeling UNRELEASED 


Joey Power's Flower 

Hard To Be Without You

 (Tony Powers-George Fischoff) 

Copyright February 19, 1969 

You're In A Bad Way 

(P. Margo-M. Margo-Medress-Siegel) 

~ RCA single 47-9790 

BB rvw December 20, 1969 

B/S Produced by The Tokens and Dave Appell for Bright Tunes Productions 


Joey Power's Flower 

So Sing The Children On The Avenue (2:40) 


Copyright James Rado, Gerome Ragni, Galt MacDermot, 

Nat Shapiro and United Artists Music February 2, 1970 

Land Of The Midnight Sun 

(Dave Appell-Joey Powers) 

Copyright Lionel February 10, 1970 

~ RCA single 74-0326 

BB rvw March 28, 1970 

B/S Produced by The Tokens and Dave Appell for Bright Tunes Productions

 B/S Arranged by Dave Appell 


Power's Flower 


(Dave Appell-Kal Mann) 

Copyright Lionel May 1, 1969 

You Loser, You Fool 


Copyright Bright Tunes 

~ Warner Brothers Seven Arts single 7312 

B/S Produced by The Tokens and Big D Appell for Bright Tunes Productions

 B/S Engineer: Johnny Post 


7312 Not reviewed in BB or CB WB single 

7309 CB rvw July 19, 1969 and BB rvw August 9, 1969 

7310 BB and CB rvws July 19, 1969 

7311 BB and CB rvws July 26, 1969 

7312 Powerís Flower 

7318 and 7319 CB rvws August 23, 1969 

7321 BB and CB rvws August 16, 1969 

7323 BB rvw August 16, 1969 

7325 CB rvw August 30, 1969 

7323 and 7326 CB rvws September 6, 1969

7330 BB rvw September 13, 1969


Joey Powers'
"Midnight Mary"
Reissued on

Dick Bartley Presents:
One Hit Wonders of the '60s, Vol. 1
Rhino CD R2 70995
Released Oct 15 1990

Teenage Crush, Vol. 3
Ace CD 790
Released Dec 27, 2000

Hard to Find 45's on CD, Vol. 7:
60's Classics
Eric CD 11513
Released Oct 16 2001

Joey Powers Co-Produced
'Hammer And Nail' (1988) and
'Triumphant Return' (1989)