Terry Stafford's "Suspicion" on
The Pomus & Shuman Story: Double Trouble 1956-1967 (CDCHD 1152)
Terry Stafford's Texas Moon Palace and Suspicion on YouTube, Joel Samuel Productions
"Amarillo By Morning" #12 on CMT's 100 Greatest Songs Of Country Music, #7 in USA TODAY


August 26, 2015



13. JUDY

May 21, 2013

Terry Stafford:
Forgive Me
(Guy Hemric - Jerry Styner)
Alone (Never To Love Again)
(Mike Curb - Bob Summers -
Melville Shauer)
Tower LP T / DT 5082
Born Losers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Billboard Ad 29 July 1967
Cash Box Review 12 August 1967
Billboard Review 26 August 1967
Film reviewed in Variety 12 July 1967

May 27, 2013

Terry Stafford:
I'll Touch A Star (Mono)
The London American Label
Year By Year - 1964

Ace CD CHD1366
w/ Terry Stafford NME
Ads, Articles and Reviews

Terry Stafford
From Out Of The Past

Dorsey CD 1051
February 2010

Terry Stafford
They're Growing Grass
In The Old Corn Field

Dorsey CD 1050
March 2007

Originally Atlantic album SD 7282
Billboard and Cash Box Reviews
03 November 1973
KOCH Records KOC CD 4167 (35:40)
05 June 2007
Produced and Arranged by
Earl Poole Ball, Jr.

01. Country Canary 2:58

02. Big In Vegas 3:34

03. Suspicion 2:58

04. Ain't No Woman Like My Woman 2:35

05. Shelly's Winter Love 3:30

06. Amarillo By Morning 2:31
(Atlantic Country single CY 4006, Entered Cash Box Country Looking Ahead 3 November 1973, Entered Cash Box Country 15 December 1973, #37, Entered Billboard Country 1 December 1973, #31, Entered Record World Country 15 December 1973, #50, Entered Canada RPM Country 26 January 1974, #38)

07. Say, Has Anybody Seen
My Sweet Gypsy Rose 2:45
(Atlantic Country single CY 4006, Test Pressing 25 July 1973, Billboard Review 11 August 1973, Cash Box Review 18 August 1973, Entered Billboard Country 25 August 1973, #35, Entered Record World Country 8 September 1973, #36, Entered Cash Box Country 15 September 1973, #36, Entered Canada RPM Country 15 September 1973, #46)

08. Let's Keep The Memories Warm 3:11

09. Captured 3:26
(Atlantic Country single CY 4015, Short / Long DJ 45 Released 19 February 1974, Cash Box and Record Word Reviews 9 March 1974, Billboard Review 16 March 1974, Entered Cash Box Country 9 March 1974, #18, Entered Billboard Country 23 March 1974, #24, Entered Record World Country 6 April 1974, #24, Billboard half page Ad 13 April 1974 LET TERRY STAFFORD CAPTURE YOU)

10. Easy To Say, Hard To Do 2:05

11. Road House Country Singer 3:37

12. It Sure Is Bad To Love Her 2:25
(Casino GRT single 113, Entered Billboard Country 12 March 1977, #94)

Terry Stafford:
COL CD 5024
28 April 1994 (31:05)
except Suspicion

The Best Of Terry Stafford
Curb D2-77867 (24:36)
15 October 1996
w/ Previously Unreleased
Alternate Version of
The Joke's On Me &
Previously Unreleased Tracks:
Am I Fooling Myself
Do You Miss Me
If You Got The Time

20 September 2008
by Geoff Mayfield
Rock Of Ages:
Since Its Debut In 1958, The Hot 100 Has Become The Standard For Song Success

April 4, 1964: The Beatles, who already have scored two No. 1s and five top 10s on the Hot 100, race to No. 1, setting two records. "Can't Buy Me Love" jumps 27-1 - then the longest jump to No. 1. The Fab Four thus end up owning each of the top five slots, with "Can't" followed by "Twist and Shout," "She Loves You," "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Please, Please Me." The band goes on to earn 20 No. 1s, more than any act in Hot 100 history.

"Imagine being TERRY STAFFORD that week," Resnik says. "He was stuck that week at No. 6 with 'SUSPICION.' He could say, 'Not only would I have a top five record that week if there wasn't a band called the Beatles, I would have been No. 1!' "

"SUSPICION" broke the Beatles' monopoly the following week when it peaked at No. 3.

ED GREENWALD's Hot New Version of
'SUSPICION' now on iTunes

Produced by: BOB SUMMERS
Vocal Production: ED GREENWALD
All Instruments: BOB SUMMERS except
Guitar Outro: ED GREENWALD
Recorded: BSM Sounds and
Wild Horse Studios, Claremont, CA
Final Recording and Mix Down: 4 June 2008

Classic West Coast Rock 'N' Roll
Curb Special Markets
UPC: 715187901629
21 August 2007
01. Apache '65
The Arrows
02. So Fine
The Stone Poneys
03. Soldier Boy
Terry Stafford
04. The Shape of Things To Come
Max Frost & The Troopers
05. Blue's Theme
Davie Allan & The Arrows


Terry Stafford
Track Annotation
by Harry Young

Argentina LONDON
33 DLM 5030 Sospecha /
Yo Tocare Una Estrella
33 DLM 5031 Besame Pronto /
Invitacion Al Beso

Australia LONDON
HL 2185 Suspicion / Judy
HL 2198 I'll Touch A Star /
Playing With Fire
HL 2209 Follow The Rainbow /
Are You A Fool Like Me?
(EP) EZA 7580 I'll Touch A Star /
Invitation To A Kiss / Kiss Me Quick / Suspicion

Belgium LONDON
5.499 I'll Touch A Star /
Playing With Fire

1527X You Left Me Here To Cry /
Heartache On The Way

Canada REO
8763X Suspicion / Judy
8776X I'll Touch A Star /
Playing With Fire
8791X I'll Follow the Rainbow /
Are You A Fool Like Me
8821X A Little Bit Better / Hoping
RGT 025X Suspicion / I'll Touch A Star

England LONDON
HLU 9871 Suspicion / Judy
NME review 10 April 1964
HLU 9902 I'll Touch A Star /
Playing With Fire
Released 26 June 1964
(EP) REU 1436 Suspicion /
Judy / I'll Touch A Star / Playing With Fire
NME review 25 September 1964

HLU 9923 Follow The Rainbow /
Are You A Fool Like Me?
Released 25 October 1964
(LP) HAU 8200 SUSPICION! [December 1964]


HL 80.050
Suspicion / Judy
(EP) RE 10.164 I'll Touch A Star /
Playing With Fire /
Suspicion / Judy

Germany LONDON
DL 20 756
Suspicion / Judy [Mai 1964 II]
(2xLP) LS 3128 / 1 / 2 THE GOLDEN ERA OF HITS

GL 7086 Suspicion / Judy
GL 7090 I'll Touch A Star / Playing With Fire

Holland LONDON
FLX 3120 Suspicion / Judy
FLX 3131 I'll Touch A Star / Playing With Fire

Hong Kong LONDON
H-LU 9871 Suspicion / Judy
H-LU 9902 I'll Touch A Star /
Playing With Fire

H-LU 9923 Follow The Rainbow /
Are You A Fool Like Me?

HL 9902 Suspicion /
I'll Touch A Star [August 1964]
HL 1545 Sospetto (RKJM 1049) /
Follow The Rainbow [February 1965]
See Augusto Morini and Maurizio Maiotti, L'INTERA DISCOGRAFIA ITALIANA DELL'ETICHETTA LONDON 1952 - 1982 (Maiotti Editore, 2007)

Alfredo Menghetti:
CN A 9138 Sospetto /
Mi Sei Proprio Indiferente

HIT 360 Suspicion / Judy
HIT 381 I'll Touch A Star / Playing With Fire
HIT 402 Follow The Rainbow /
Are You A Fool Like Me?
(EP) 17M-92 Seventeen Series 33 1/3 R.P.M.
Suspicion, Playing With Fire /
I'll Touch A Star, Follow The Rainbow
(EP) LS 212 Heartache At Sweet Sixteen, Vol. 1, Stereo Elite Series
Kathy Linden: Heartache At Sweet Sixteen, Terry Stafford: Suspicion /
Kathy Linden: Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye, Marcie Blaine: Bobby's Girl
Copyright 1969
TOP 1531 Suspicion / I'll Touch A Star
Copyright September 1970
TOP 1821 Suspicion / I'll Touch A Star
Copyright August 1973
CM 1070 Suspicion /
Jerry Wallace: In The Misty Moonlight
Copyright June 1977

45/8711 Suspicion / Judy
℗ 1966

New Zealand LONDON
NZL.899 Suspicion / Judy
NZL.904 I'll Touch A Star / Playing With Fire
(EP) REM-U 6056 Suspicion / Judy /
I'll Touch A Star / Playing With Fire

Philippines LONDON
HLU 9871 Suspicion / Judy

Venezuela LONDON
2006 Roy Orbison: Linda Mujer /
Terry Stafford: Sospecha
Wax: 18 - 1 - 65

Unknown Country LONDON
80-5489-Y Suspicion / Judy
5.499 I'll Touch A Star / Playing With Fire

1013 You Left Me Here To Cry
(Come On Home) 2:07
(Terry Stafford)
© 21 March 1963 /
1014 Heartache[s] On The Way 2:16
(Don Bowman)
© 8 February 1962
~ A&M 707
Monarch Delta 47195 / -X
B / S Arranged by Herb Alpert

Heartache[s] On The Way /
You Left Me Here To Cry
(Come On Home)
~ (UK) Stateside SS 225
NME ad 27 September 1963

Tune of
Heartache[s] On The Way
= Mexican Corn (2:05)
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass * Volume 2
~ A&M SP / LP 103, May 1963

C-1003 Suspicion
© 2 May 1962 /
C-1004 Judy
(Terry Stafford-
T. Seago)
© 26 March 1964
~ Crusader C-101
Los Angeles Breakout Single
Billboard (BB) 15 February 1964
ent BB 22 February 1964 pk #3

Terry Stafford
In The Top Ten:

Billboard 28 March 1964
Suspicion #7
Beatles #s 1, 2, 3, 4
Cash Box Suspicion #16
Music Business Suspicion #9

Billboard 4 April 1964
Suspicion #6
Beatles #s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Chart shown in booklet of
The Beatles
The Capitol Albums Vol. 1
(4 CD Box Set Released 16 November 2004)
Cash Box Suspicion #10
Music Business Suspicion #6

Billboard 11 April 1964
Suspicion #3
Beatles #s 1, 2, 4, 7, 9
Cash Box Suspicion #6
Music Business Suspicion #7
Music Vendor Suspicion #

Billboard 18 April 1964
Suspicion #3
Beatles #s 1, 2, 5, 8
Cash Box Suspicion #4
Music Business Suspicion #5
Record World Suspicion #2

Billboard 25 April 1964
Suspicion #5
Beatles #s 1, 2, 3
Cash Box Suspicion #3
Music Business Suspicion #5

Billboard 2 May 1964
Suspicion #8
Beatles 1, 3, 7
Cash Box Suspicion #6
Music Business Suspicion #5

Billboard 9 May 1964
Suspicion #9
Beatles #s 2, 5
Cash Box Suspicion #11
Music Business Suspicion #9

I'll Touch A Star
© 9 April 1964 /
Playing With Fire
© 9 April 1964
~ Crusader C-105
BB rvw 9 May 1964
ent BB 16 May 1964 pk #25

(Jerome Doc Pomus - Mort Shuman)
© 2 May 1962
(Sid Wayne - Ben Weisman)
© 9 April 1964
Playing With Fire
(Sid Wayne - Ben Weisman)
© 9 April 1964
Invitation To A Kiss
(Jerome Doc Pomus - Alan Jeffereys)
© 8 April 1964
Slowly But Surely
(Sid Wayne - Ben Weisman)
© 12 June 1963
For You My Love
(Fred Wise - Ben Weisman)
© 9 April 1964
She Wishes I Were You
(Buddy Mize - Paul Nuckles)
© 8 July 1963
Pocket Full Of Rainbows
(Fred Wise - Ben Weisman)
Everything I Need
(Sid Wayne - Ben Weisman)
© 9 April 1964
I'll Touch A Star
(Fred Wise - Ben Weisman - Dee Fuller)
© 9 April 1964
Everybody Has Somebody
(Wink Martindale)
© 3 April 1964
Kiss Me Quick
(Jerome Doc Pomus - Mort Shuman)
© 11 August 1961
~ Crusader LP 1001
BB ad 18 April 1964
BB rvw 9 May 1964
ent BB 16 May 1964 pk #81

Till Love Comes To You
(Sid Wayne - Ben Weisman)
© 9 April 1964

C-1019 Follow The Rainbow
© 29 July 1964 /
C-1020 Are You A Fool Like Me?
© 29 July 1964
~ Crusader CRU-109
BB rvw 8 August 1964
ent BB 22 August 1964 pk #101
B/S Arr by Bob Summers

C-1021 A Little Bit Better
(Vernon Wayne McEntire)
© 5 October 1964 /
C-1022 Hoping
(Hal Klee - Pat Vegas)
© 16 October 1964
~ Crusader 110
BB rvw 7 November 1964
B/S Arr by Jack Nitzsche

14 March 1964

1-35919 Forbidden
(B. Lisle) /
1-35920 Out Of The Picture
(Tommy Boyce - Bobby Hart)
~ Mercury 72538
BB & CB reviews 19 February 1966
Produced by Bob Summers

Forbidden also by
Bob Moline
Imperial 66065 (1964) &
David Kershbaum
Capitol 2191 (1968)

Try My World Little Girl
(Hemric - Styner)
© 10 March 1967 on
Tower LP T / DT 5053
Dr. Goldfoot And The Girl Bombs
Original Motion Picture Score
Film reviewed in Variety 16 September 1966
Terry Stafford Try My World Little Girl
Not Heard In Film Orion VHS 6617, 1995

Try My World Little Girl (2:27) /
60962 The Candles
This I Say (2:24)
~ Tower 4263 / 4264

69007 When Sin Stops - Love Begins (2:18)
© 2 September 1958 /
69008 Soldier Boy (2:06)
© 3 May 1955
~ Sidewalk 902
BB review 10 September 1966
CB review 24 September 1966
Produced and Arranged by Bob Summers

61186 The Joke's On Me /
61187 A Step Or Two Behind You
© 3 May 1965
~ Sidewalk 914
Produced and Arranged by Bob Summers

Forgive Me,
Alone (Never To Love Again)
© 9 August 1967 on
Tower LP T / DT 5082
Born Losers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
BB ad 29 July 1967
CB rvw 12 August 1967
BB rvw 26 August 1967
Film reviewed in Variety 12 July 1967

Canada Capitol LP T / DT 6241
Born Losers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Terry Stafford:
M3 256189 Alone - Never To Love Again (2:02) /
M3 256190 Forgive Me (2:06)
Le Credo De La Violence
Born Losers

~ French Capitol CLF 502

Sidewalk Sounds:
CR-1878-A Billy Jack's Theme /
Terry Stafford:
CR-1878-B Forgive Me
~ Japan Capitol CR 1878

Born Losers DVD
w/ Terry Stafford's Forgive Me at 17:36 - 18:05 on [stolen] reel to reel tape machine in pool hall scene.
Forgive Me also at 1:14:08 - 30 in pool hall scene.
Terry Stafford's vocal version of Alone, Never To Love Again (Billy Jack's Theme) Not Heard in Film.

Sidewalk Sounds:
45-61365 Billy Jack's Theme
Conducted by Bob Summers /
45-61368 The Born Loser's Theme
Conducted by Mike Curb
~ Tower 352

Sidewalk Sounds'
The Born Loser's Theme and
The Loser's Bar
from Tower LP T / DT 5082
Born Losers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
appear on

Davie Allan & The Arrows:
Devil's Rumble:
Anthology 1964 - 1968
(Sundazed SC 11138, 25 May 2004) Mono
Born Losers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album cover shown
in the CD booklet and also used on the face of disc one.

The Devil's Rumble CD does NOT include Billy Jack's Theme: the 45 A side, Born Losers Soundtrack Side One Cut One and the only Born Losers song on Tower LP ST 5148 Mike Curb Presents Best Of The Soundtracks.

WB 7 Arts 7286
M17126 Big In Dallas 3:38
© 1 April 1969 /
M17127 Will A Man Ever Learn 3:08
© 26 May 1969
Produced by Bob Summers for Sidewalk Productions

Night Ride,
Wine, Women And Song
on RCA LP LSO 1156
Wild Wheels Motion Picture Soundtrack
Billboard review 23 August 1969
Film released June 1969
Film reviewed in Variety 23 July 1969
Pub 30 September 1970
Reg 27 November 1985
Terry Stafford's Night Ride heard in background 28:25 - 29:59
Terry Stafford ("Huey") performs Wine, Women And Song 58:46 - 1:00:47
X-Rated 92 minutes
R-Rated 81 minutes
Front Row Entertainment and Video Gems VHS versions 78:44

Super Oldies, Volume 6
w/ Suspicion
BB rvw 3 January 1970

71L 2095 Medley: Mean Woman Blues - Candy Man
LA, February 1, 1971
71L 2110 Chilly Chicago
(Terry Stafford)
© 25 May 1970
LA, February 11, 1971
~ MGM K 14232 (Stereo)
Produced by Terry Stafford & Bob Summers
For Don Perry Enterprises, Inc.
Arranged by Bob Summers

71L 2476 California Dancer
(Terry Stafford)
71L 2477 The Walk
(Terry Stafford)
© 3 September 1970
Both LA, May 1971
~ MGM K 14271 (Stereo)
Produced by Terry Stafford & Bob Summers
For Don Perry Enterprises, Inc.
Arranged by Bob Summers
Variety review 7 July 1971

Terry Stafford:
Let's Keep The Memories Warm
(by Gene Price; Longstreet /
Acoustic, BMI. Time: 3:13)
Sheet Music

Gene Price, courtesy of MGM Records
is added on Country Canary

Gene Price:
2 July 1973
73N 51751 Loving You Is
A Habit I Can't Break (Unreleased)
73N 51752 It's My Song /
73N 51753 King Of Country Music
MGM single K 14633
Produced by Bob Millsap & Earl Ball

Your Local U.S. Army
Representative Presents
The Gene Price Country Express
2xLP May 1974
Terry Stafford: Captured

26868 Say, Has Anybody Seen
My Sweet Gypsy Rose
(Irwin Levine - L. Russell Brown)
© 7 June 1973 /
26867 Amarillo By Morning
(Terry Stafford - Paul Fraser)
© 2 August 1973
~ Atlantic Country single CY 4006
Billboard review 11 August 1973

Cash Box review 18 August 1973:
Artist debuts with proven chart-buster capable of crossing country. Vocal is tops. Hot fiddle won’t hurt either. Flip: No info available.

Cash Box ad 29 September 1973:
This Is The Country Hit
"Say Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose"
Atlantic CY 4006
Terry Stafford

26868-1 Say, Has Anybody Seen
My Sweet Gypsy Rose (2:44) Mono /
26868-2 Say, Has Anybody Seen
My Sweet Gypsy Rose (2:44) Stereo
~ Atlantic Country single CY 4006
White / Blue Label
Mono / Stereo Promo

26868-4 Say, Has Anybody Seen
My Sweet Gypsy Rose (2:44) Mono
Monarch Delta 92225 /
26868-5-REPL. Say, Has Anybody Seen
My Sweet Gypsy Rose (2:44) Stereo
Monarch Delta 92226-X
~ Atlantic Country single CY 4006
Red and White / Red and Blue Label
Mono / Stereo Promo

Say, Has Anybody Seen
My Sweet Gypsy Rose
~ Atlantic Country single CY 4006
One-Sided Test Pressing Dated 25 July 1973

Say, Has Anybody Seen
My Sweet Gypsy Rose (Atlantic Country single CY 4006) entered Billboard Country 25 August 1973, #35, entered Cash Box Country 15 September 1973, #36

Cash Box 20 October 1973
Atlantic Tradition Assists Big Move Into Country Scene

BB & CB Ads 20 October 1973
New Releases From Atlantic Country
SD 7278 Ms. Marti Brown
SD 7279 This Is Henson Cargill Country
SD 7280 Don Adams On His Way
SD 7281 Now Presenting Troy Seals
SD 7282 Terry Stafford Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose
SD 7283 David Rogers Farewell To The Ryman

Atlantic album PR 193 (Stereo White Label Promo)
Side One, Cut Five:
Terry Stafford: Big In Vegas 3:37
Side Two, Cut Five:
Terry Stafford:
Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose 2:44

Atlantic album SD 7282
(ST-A-732963 / 4)
Billboard and Cash Box Reviews 3 November 1973

27343 Country Canary
(Terry Stafford)
© 9 November 1973
27344 Big In Vegas
(Terry Stafford - Buck Owens)
© 23 October 1969
27345 Suspicion
(Doc Pomus - Mort Shuman)
© 2 May 1962
27346 Ain't No Woman Like My Woman
(Rory M. Bourke - Gayle Barnhill)
© 25 September 1973
27347 Shelly's Winter Love
(Merle Haggard)
© 1 May 1970
26867 Amarillo By Morning
26868 Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose
27348 Let's Keep The Memories Warm
(Gene Price)
© 4 October 1973
27349 Captured (3:27 Album Version)
(Rory M. Bourke - Eddie Rabbitt)
© 9 October 1973
27350 Easy To Say, Hard To Do
(Chuck Howard)

© 5 October 1962
27351 Road House Country Singer
(Terry Stafford - Don Epperson)
© 9 November 1973
27352 It Sure Is Bad To Love Her
(Terry Stafford)
© 9 November 1973
Suggested Cuts For Air Play
In Billboard & Cash Box ads 20 October 1973
Billboard review 3 November 1973:
Hot on the heels of his successful single, Stafford shows his abilities here both as a writer and singer. It's an unusually powerful selection of material, and as a singer there are few better. Country Canary is exceptional, as are Ain't No Woman Like My Woman, Shelly's Winter Love, and Amarillo By Morning.

Cash Box review 3 November 1973:
Terry Stafford's new LP is a beautifully vocalized and orchestrated album. Terry has a past dating back to the days of Beatlemania when he had a top five smash entitled Suspicion. This song certainly holds a great deal of fond memories, and it has been rearranged sounding greater than ever. The title cut of the LP is presently on the charts and looks good. Lush instrumentation compliment the rich vocals Terry offers to us.

Atlantic 8 Track Cartridge TP 7282 (95582)

01. (Total Time 8:53)
Country Canary 2:55
Shelly's Winter Love 3:30
Amarillo By Morning 2:28

02. (Total Time 8:53)
Big In Vegas 3:35
Ain't No Woman Like My Woman 2:38
Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose 2:44

03. (Total Time 8:53)
Suspicion 2:56
Captured 3:27
It Sure Is Bad To Love Her 2:25

04. (Total Time 8:53)
Let's Keep The Memories Warm 3:13
Easy To Say, Hard To Do 2:03
Road House Country Singer 3:36

Atlantic album SD 7282
Guitar: Billy Sanford, Jimmy Capps, Tommy Allsup, Leon Rhodes, Reggie Young, Steve Gibson and Gary S. Paxton
Steel Guitar: Lloyd Green, Pete Drake and Weldon Myrick
Fiddle and Strings: Johnny Gimble, James Buchanan and Shorty Lavender
Organ, Vibes and Harpsichord: Charlie McCoy
Piano: Ron Oates and Pig Robbins
Bass: Henry Strzelecki and Joe Allen
Drums: Jerry Carrigan and Kenny Malone
Backing Vocals on all selections by The Nashville Edition:
Joe Babcock, Hurshel Wiginton, June Page, Dolores Edgin and Jackie Allen
Gene Price, Courtesy MGM Records, is added on Country Canary

Atlantic album SD 7282
Recorded at:
Jack Clements Recording Studios, Nashville, TN
Engineers: Charlie Tallent and Ronnie Dean
Pete’s Place, Nashville, TN
Engineers: Scottie Moore and Stan Kesler
Produced and Arranged by Earl Ball
Special Thanks to John Fisher

Country Artist Of The Week:
Terry Stafford
Cash Box 3 November 1973:
TERRY STAFFORD-- A young man with one of the biggest hits of the day nearly ten years ago, Terry Stafford is today proving that his initial success was far from a fluke.
One of the first artists to be signed to the Atlantic Country label, Terry was one of the first to have a major hit on the Country charts-- his bright, bouncy, version of Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose?
Oklahoma born Terry's known to genuinely be one of the nicest guys in the business. He's a talented songwriter as well as performer, and has some acting experience to his credit as well. He moved to California following graduation from high school, seeking a career.
Terry was performing at dances and record hops, and achieving enough local success in Southern California that he was able to go into a studio and cut a demonstration record. The song Terry chose was taken from an Elvis Presley album, Pot Luck. Terry cut the single, and he and his manager took it around town. Disc jockey Gene Weed at Los Angeles KFWB heard the record, and took it next door to the offices of Crusader Records. Label head John Fisher liked what he heard, and after several hours of remastering, Fisher and Terry were happy with the total sound. The single was released, and Suspicion went on to be the #3 record in the country, at a time when the Beatles held the 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 positions.
During the years following, Terry sang, played and accumulated film credits, and wrote the Buck Owens hit Big In Vegas. The most recent phase of Terry's career began shortly after the formation of Atlantic Country.
Fisher, now a west coast promotion man with Atlantic, was eating lunch in a local music business hangout, the Jolly Roger, when he spotted Terry across the room. What are you doing? asked John.
The next thing I knew, says Terry, I was in Nashville recording. Terry's first single was Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose, composed by the same two men who wrote Knock Three Times and Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree. It was recorded in Nashville, produced by Earl Ball, and featured some hot fiddling by Buddy Spicher. Terry's LP of the same title has just been released by Atlantic. Booking is by the William Morris Agency.

26867-2 Amarillo By Morning (2:28) Mono /
26867-1 Amarillo By Morning (2:28) Stereo
~ Atlantic Country single CY 4006
White / Blue Label
Mono / Stereo Promo

Amarillo By Morning
(Atlantic Country single CY 4006) entered Cash Box Country Looking Ahead 3 November 1973, #11, entered Cash Box Country 15 December 1973, #37, entered Billboard Country 1 December 1973, #31

Nashville Scene
Billboard 17 November 1973:
Atlantic has turned over Terry Stafford's "Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose" and given A-side treatment to "Amarillo By Morning."

Stafford's Two Sides
Cash Box 17 November 1973:
NASHVILLE -- Due to heavy radio response, Atlantic Records has re-serviced all radio stations on the B side of the Terry Stafford record Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose. The push side is “Amarillo By Morning” written by Terry Stafford and Paul Fraser. The man responsible for breaking Amarillo By Morning is Jim Christofferson, P.D. at KDJW in Amarillo, Texas where Amarillo By Morning has been the number one record for the past five weeks. There is also movement in Amarillo to make the song the official city song and the theme song of the 1974 Amarillo rodeo.

27353 When Mama Comes To Town UNRELEASED
(Terry Stafford)
© 28 July 1970

28176 Captured (2:13 edit of 27349) /
27352 It Sure Is Bad To Love Her
~ Atlantic Country single CY 4015
Billboard review 16 March 1974

Cash Box review 9 March 1974:
An up-tempo tune that is at once captivating, it captures the ears of the listener, and Terry’s vocal is smooth. Great steel guitar and background vocal mark Terry’s capture by the heart of a girl an experience to celebrate this bright record that is certain to make a most definite mark. Flip: No info available.

28176 Captured (2:13) /
27349 Captured (3:27)
~ Atlantic Country single CY 4015
Blue Label Stereo Promo

(Atlantic Country single CY 4015) entered Cash Box Country 9 March 1974, #18, entered Billboard Country 23 March 1974, #24

K10435A Captured 2:13 /
K10435B It Sure Is Bad to Love Her 2:25
~ UK Atlantic single K 10435

Billboard half-page ad:
Let Terry Stafford Capture You
Captured CY-4015
Writers: Rory Bourke, Eddie Rabbitt
Publishers: Noma Music Inc, S.P.R. Music Corp. (BMI)
Produced by Earl Ball
From the album Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose SD 7282
Exclusively On Atlantic Records

16 March 1974
Talent In Action
Palomino, Los Angeles
Terry Stafford (Atlantic) first surfaced some 10 years ago with "Suspicion," a gigantic rock hit. Then, like many during the early 60's, he just as quickly disappeared. Now he's back as a country singer and, given a chance to do his own material, quite a commendable one. Stafford possesses a good voice an an easygoing stage personality, and when singing his hits, such as his country cover of "Say Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose," "Amarillo By Morning" and the still popular "Suspicion," is a solid act. He does run into some trouble when he ventures into more traditional country such as "Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms," but one must remember that the man has basically been off the road for 10 years. Given the fact that he has had a long layoff and realizing that he is just beginning to find his way in country, Stafford's performance here was quite successful and he little trouble winning over the Palomino crowd. With some more material to call his own, he should have no difficulty retaining a solid foothold in the country field.

28978 Stop If You Love Me (2:41)
(Rory M. Bourke)
© 24 April 1974 /
28979 We've Grown Close (2:47)
(Frederick P. Sanjek)
© 13 June 1974
Recorded 22 May 1974
~ Atlantic Country single CY 4026
Released July 1974
Both sides would have been on
Unreleased Atlantic album SD 18105

Not reviewed in Cash Box
(CY 4028 Cash Box review 20 July 1974)
Billboard review 10 August 1974:
A very smooth song and a sad but commercial story. It’s well produced and has all the necessary ingredients. Bourke also has made his place among the leading writers. Flip: No info available.

A 28978-7 Stop If You Love Me (Mono) (2:41) /
ST A 28978-7 Stop If You Love Me (Stereo) (2:41)
~ Atlantic Country single CY 4026
White / Blue Label Mono / Stereo Promo

Stop If You Love Me
(Atlantic Country single CY 4026) entered Billboard Country 24 August 1974, #69, entered Cash Box Country 21 September 1974, #61

Atlantic Shuts Office In Nashville on Friday 6 September 1974
Cash Box 14 September 1974:
NEW YORK -- Atlantic Records has closed its Nashville Office, effective last Friday (6). According to a spokesman for the company -- which set up the office 20 months ago -- Willie Nelson will remain on the Atlantic roster, while the dispositions of such other acts as Henson Cargill, David Rogers, Marti Brown and Tracey Nelson are still to be determined. Nick Hunter, who had been running the label’s Nashville scene over the past few months, is leaving the label. Atlantic vet promo man Johnny Fisher is supervising the phasing out of the office.

29350 Where Have You Been All My Life (2:27)
29351 Woman Sensuous Woman (3:04)
(Gary S. Paxton)
© 17 April 1972
29352 Chilly Chicago (2:17)
(Terry Stafford)
© 25 May 1970
29353 Dang'd Ole Rodeo (2:11)
(Terry Stafford -Paul Fraser)
© 13 June 1974
29354 I'm All Right, I'm Okay (2:47)
29355 It's A Matter Of Time (3:10)
(Clive Westlake)
© 31 July 1972
29356 I Wouldn't Want To Love There (2:41)
(Terry Stafford)
© 13 June 1974
29357 Don't Knock It Till You've Cried It (2:42)
(Terry Stafford -Don Epperson)
© 13 June 1974
29358 Blue Goes With Anything (2:42)
(Terry Stafford - Paul Fraser)
© 13 June 1974
29359 The Lovin' Of Your Life
(Dallas Frazier -Sanger Shafer)
29360 Darlin' Think It Over
(Terry Stafford)
© 13 June 1974
Masters Assigned 22 May 1974
~ Atlantic album SD 18105
LP would have been released October 1974

Atlantic album SD 18105
Guitar: Billy Sanford, Jimmy Capps, Glenn Keener, Fred Carter Jr, Tommy Allsup, Chip Young
Steel Guitar: Pete Drake, Lloyd Green
Strings: Bergen White, Sheldon Kurland, David Vanderkoot, Marvin Shantry, Byron Bach, Gary Vanosdale, George Binkley, Lennie Haight, Stephanie Woolf, Carl Gorodetzky, Donald Teal, Brenton Banks
Strings Arranged by: Bergen White
Keyboards: Pig Robbins, Tony Migliore, Earl Ball, Charlie McCoy
Bass: Joe Allen, Henry Strzelecki
Drums: Kenny Malone, Jerry Carrigan, Larry London, Jimmy Isbell
Backing Vocals by The Nashville Edition:
Dolores Edgin, June (Ricki) Page, Hurshel Wiginton, Joe Babcock, Jackie Allen

Motown Unveils A Country Wing
Billboard 26 October 1974:
LOS ANGELES -- Motown Records will soon enter the country field and Pat Boone is set as the first artist to be featured on the firm’s forthcoming Melodyland label.
John Widdicombe, a former promotion man for Atlantic Records, will boss the new Motown wing, based in Los Angeles.
Boone's Melodyland debut will be a single, Candy Lips, composed by Boone, Norro Wilson and Carmo Taylor. Wilson produced the disk in Nashville.
Not only Boone but Boone's family will be represented on the initial Melodyland release in late October. Jerry Naylor of the “Continental Country” radio series, in national syndication, also has been signed for the new roster.
Motown's move bolsters trade opinion that country music is undergoing a marked rise. Warner Bros., Elektra, Avco, Playboy, 20th Century, GRC, Granite and others have recently achieved chart successes after a comparatively short effort in the country idiom. Now Motown joins the ranks, but operating out of Los Angeles “for the time being,” says Widdicombe.

Executive Turntable
Billboard 26 October 1974:
John Widdicombe, formerly with Atlantic Records, joins Motown Records, Los Angeles, to direct the firm’s new Melodyland country label.

John Fisher To Melodyland
Cash Box 30 November 1974:
LOS ANGELES -- John Fisher has been appointed Coordinator of Melodyland Records Nashville operation, according to Herb Belkin, vice president of Creative Operations for Motown Records, the parent company of the Country label.
Fisher will be responsible for all operations of the Nashville office and will coordinate promotion and sales for the label with John Widdicombe. Country and projects coordinator of Melodyland Records, he will also be responsible for the acquisition of new artists.
Prior to joining Melodyland, Fisher was associated with Atlantic Records for nine years in many facets including National Country promotion director.
Melodyland's roster includes Pat Boone, The Boone family, T. G. Sheppard and Jerry Naylor.

Billboard Magazine 1975 annual
"Cavalcade of Attractions”
[January 1975] ad:
Remember Terry Stafford from his
million-seller recording "Suspicion"?
With such C&W Hits as
"Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose?"
"Amarillo By Morning"
"Stop If You Love Me"

63171-S Darling Think It Over 2:32 /
63173-S I Can't Find It 2:31
(Terry Stafford)
~ Melodyland single ML 6009F
Billboard review 26 April 1975
Record World review 26 April 1975:
There's strong "Suspicion" that Terry has captured a hit here. No need to think it over -- put it on.
Record World 3 May 1975
Country Hot Line:
Terry Stafford is showing strong action in the southwest on "Darling, Think It Over."

Cash Box review 10 May 1975:
Terry's first release for Melodyland Records is produced by Earl Ball, and already gaining airplay. He implores his lady to think it over before she leaves him. Vocals are deep and rich and will help this one see more action regionally and nationally. Flip: No info available.

Reba /
She's A Fire Out Of Control
~ Melodyland ML 6022F
October? 1975?

4639 It Sure Is Bad To Love Her
(1973 Atlantic Version) /
~ Casino GRT 113
Entered BB Country 12 March 1977, Peak #94

Terry Stafford by Robert Dalley
Goldmine, January 1981

R-6140 Everybody Loves A Love Song (3:25)
(Robert John Jones - Jerry Lee Taylor) /
R-6141 Texas Moon Palace (2:06)
(Terry Stafford)
~ Firstline FLS 710
Billboard review 21 March 1981

M 0093 (Lord, Can You And Me Get) Back Together
(Terry Stafford) /
M 0094 Life's Railway To Heaven
(M. Abbey - C. Tillman)
~ Eastland ERS 101, 1983
Produced and Arranged by Bob Summers

U-12705 Deja Vu (2:55)
(Terry Stafford)/
U-12705 Texas Moon Palace (2:08)
(Terry Stafford)
~ Player International single PI-113 (1985)

Love's Been Hell On Me
(Jack Strong) /
Long Haul Fever
(Terry Stafford)
~ Player International single PI-115 (1985)

U-20375 They're Growing Grass
In The Old Cornfield (2:30)
(Lyle Hoover Augustine)
Reg 21 February 1986 /
U-20375 Strangers With The Same Last Name (3:14)
~ Player International single PI-125

U-23648 Lonestar Lonesome (2:50)
(John Collins Cunningham - Stephen Clifford Stone) /
U-23648 Falling (It's A Long Long Way From Hollis, Oklahoma) 3:17
(Terry Stafford)
~ Player International single PI-134
Entered Billboard Country 18 February 1989, #89
Billboard review 25 February 1989

Terry Stafford appeared on 'Solid Gold'
25 & 26 January 1987

31 December 1987
Terry Stafford appeared
in the New Year's Eve Party,
Grand Opening Of The
Palm Springs, CA Convention Center
"Suspicion" (live) 3:33 appeared on

Rockin' The Night Away
Silver Eagle SE-10712, 1988

Terry Stafford
~ Globe Collectors Gold, Volume 14
CD 1001 / 18 (75:21)
Digital Series Coordinators:
Bill Hall and Eddy Rogers
Digital Engineer: Marty Killen
Mastered [From Vinyl] at BCR Recording Studios,
New York City, July 1993

01. Suspicion
02. Margarita
03. Playing With Fire
04. Invitation To A Kiss
05. Slowly But Surely
06. For You My Love
09. She Wishes I Were You
10. Pocket Full Of Rainbows
11. Everything I Need
12. I'll Touch A Star
13. Everybody Has Somebody
14. Kiss Me Quick
~ Crusader LP 1001

24. Sospetto
~ Italy London HL 1545
08. Judy
~ Crusader C-101 B
17. Till Love Comes To You
(Sid Wayne -Ben Weisman)
© 9 April 1964
16. Follow The Rainbow /
15. Are You A Fool Like Me
~ Crusader CRU-109
19. A Little Bit Better /
18. Hoping
~ Crusader 110
22. Soldier Boy /
23. When Sin Stops - Love Begins
~ Sidewalk 902
21. The Joke's On Me /
20. A Step Or Two Behind You
~ Sidewalk 914
07. Try My World Little Girl
27. Try My World Little Girl
~ Dr. Goldfoot And The Girl Bombs Original Motion Picture Score
30. Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose
29. Big in Vegas
28. Suspicion
~ Atlantic album SD 7282
25. Stop If You Love Me /
26. We've Grown Close
~ Atlantic Country CY 4026

Jerry Naylor
(Terry Stafford) 2:30
© 17 January 1966
Tower single 214
Produced by Mike Curb for Sidewalk Productions
Arranged and Conducted by Bob Summers

Tower 208 Billboard Review 26 February 1966
Tower 210 Billboard Review 5 March 1966
Tower 215 Billboard Review 26 February 1966
Tower 216 Billboard Review 26 February 1966
Tower 218 Billboard Review 5 March 1966
Tower 223 Billboard Review 2 April 1966
Tower 224 Billboard Review 19 March 1966

Buck Owens And The Buckaroos
(Terry Stafford - Buck Owens)
Capitol single 2646
Entered Cash Box Country 1 November 1969 #6
Entered Billboard Country 15 November 1969 #5
Entered Cash Box Pop 29 November 1969 #97
Entered Billboard Pop 13 December 1969 #100

The Buck Owens Show
Capitol album ST-413
Entered Cash Box Country 10 January 1970 #20
Entered Billboard Pop 7 February 1970 #141

Terry Bullard
(Terry Stafford - Paul Fraser) 2:19
© 2 August 1973
Cole Cash single CC 801
Produced by John Fisher
For Fish - Mann Enterprises
Billboard review 26 July 1980

George Strait
(Terry Stafford - Paul Fraser)
MCA single 52162
45 Pub 14 January 1983
45 Reg 16 February 1983
45 Entered Billboard Country 12 February 1983 #4

George Strait
(Terry Stafford - Paul Fraser)
From LP MCA 5320
Strait From The Heart
LP Entered Cash Box Country 3 July 1982 #11

Stan Lee Black
5033 Be Bop A Lula 2:16 (Monarch Delta 55871) /
5044 Raining In My Heart 2:32 (Monarch Delta 57427)
Almo International single 222
Produced by Terry Stafford & Mike Harris
Arranged by Bob Summers

Almo 218 Billboard Review 1 May 1965
Almo 220 Billboard Review 15 May 1965
Almo 222 STAN LEE BLACK ( -- )
Almo 228 Billboard Review 23 October 1965
Almo 230 Billboard Review 4 December 1965

Don Epperson
(Terry Stafford) 2:42
Amaret single 116, [December 1969 / January 1970]
Produced And Arranged by Harley Hatcher
B Side:
Going Back To Georgia
(Harley Hatcher)
From the Motion Picture Cain’s Way
Also Known As:
The Blood Seekers
Cain’s Cutthroats
Justice Cain

Amaret single 115 [DJ3111]
The New Life
Cash Box Review 29 November 1969

Amaret LP
The New Life
The Sidehackers
Cash Box & Billboard mentions 8 November 1969

Garland Frady
(Terry Stafford) 2:20
© 28 July 1970
Beverly Hills single 45-9363
Monarch Delta 84884
Produced by Terry Stafford
For Don Perry Ent., Inc.

Garland Thomas Frady, 63, of 9729 Villa Rica Hwy., Villa Rica, GA, died Thursday, May 27, 2004 at Morehead Memorial Hospital. Arrangements through Ray Funeral Home in Madison, N.C.

Frady was born in North Carolina but was raised in Atlanta, where he first heard the songs of Hank Williams and the 50s hepcats. By the age of 20, he was out west winning talent shows in clubs like L.A.’s Palomino Club. In the late 60s, he teamed up with fellow band members Michael Murphy and Boomer Castleman to write "Fort Worth, I Love You." To this day, the Fort Worth annual rodeo opens with the song.

Garland Frady
SL 2053 Ft. Worth, I Love You
(Owens B. Castleman - Michael Martin Murphey) 1:49 /
SL 2052 Mr. Bojangles
(Jerry Jeff Walker) 3:05
Broncho BJ 7112 and Paula P 1242
Produced by Terry Stafford and G. Page [G. Pace]

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Amarillo, a place to sing about

The Amarillo Globe-News

New York City has an unofficial song, "New York, New York" made popular by Frank Sinatra; San Francisco has "I Left My Heart in San Francisco."

And "Amarillo by Morning," ranks right up there with the big-city lullabies as one of the Top 10 best songs ever written about a place, according to a poll in Tuesday's edition of USA Today.

The song about a rodeo rider, co-written by Amarilloan Terry Stafford, reflects favorably on the locale, according to the poll.

Eric Miller of the Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council said the song recorded by country music star George Strait in the 1980s has had a positive fallout for Amarillo and is closely identified with the city.

No other Texas city has a song on USA Today Top 10 list, not even Luckenbach, Miller said.

In fairness, Miller said, he was one of the 1,200 tourism and economic development officials who voted on the on-line poll used by USA Today.

Stafford, who died in 1996, graduated from Palo Duro High School in 1960 and took off for California with big dreams of getting into the music business, according to Amarillo Globe-News files.

Roy McDowell, one of Stafford's Amarillo friends, said Tuesday the entertainer penned the famous song after playing a rodeo dance in San Antonio and then driving his Mustang to Amarillo.

McDowell said Stafford wanted to be in Amarillo by morning and that became the idea for the song.

"Amarillo By Morning" started off on the B-side of Stafford's 1973 vinyl record "Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose." In the lingo of the time, the record got "flipped over" and the Amarillo song became popular.

It took Strait's recording, however, to make the song co-written by Paul Fraser a country music standard and an Amarillo calling card.

Goldmine #412
24 May 1996
Page 71


Terry Stafford, best known for his 1964 number 3 hit "Suspicion," died March 17 after a five year illness. born in Hollis, Oklahoma and raised in Amarillo, Texas, Stafford's one-hit-wonder status was cemented when he covered the Doc Pomus-Mort Shuman song that Elvis Presley had recorded two years earlier for his Pot Luck album. Stafford, who recorded for Crusader Records, only had one other [Pop] chart entry, the #25 "I'll Touch A Star," in 1964. He also appeared in the film Wild Wheels.

The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle
3 January 1997, Friday, ALL EDITIONS

Before 1996 gets too far off, let's recall some highlights that made the year memorable for country music fans...

And 1996 will be remembered for having more significant country deaths than any year in a long, long time. We said goodbye to:

TERRY STAFFORD: The co-writer (with Paul Fraser) of George Strait's classic hit Amarillo By Morning, died March 17 at 54 in Amarillo, Texas.

Chicago Sun-Times
30 June 2000, FRIDAY,
Late Sports Final Edition
HEADLINE: Lennon lyrics yield
translation challenge
BYLINE: By Jerry Osborne

Q. Recently I had the pleasure of talking to Terry Stafford of "Suspicion" fame. He sent me a 45 record jacket cover for the original demo of "Suspicion" and a recent home photo. Then I saw on a Web site (www.allmusic.com) that Terry Stafford died in 1996. I don't believe the Terry I met is an imposter, but do you have any info on this? Incidentally, this Terry's given name is Leroy.

A. I recall reading of Terry's death in the news at the time, March 17, 1996, and I don't believe they were mistaken. I am also certain Stafford's name was Terry and not Leroy. Two of Joel Whitburn's "Record Research" books ("Top Pop" and "Top Country") also confirm Terry died on March 17, 1996.

Jerry Osborne is a syndicated columnist. Write to him at the Chicago Sun-Times, Features Dept., 401 N. Wabash, Chicago 60611.

Chicago Sun-Times
9 August 1998, SUNDAY, Late Sports Final Edition
HEADLINE: Hogan sings bittersweet survivor's song
BYLINE: Dave Hoekstra

Buck Owens Birthday Party Tribute With Otis Clay, Robbie Fulks, Kelly Hogan, Jon Langford, Mavis Staples and others 8 p.m. Tuesday Schubas, 3159 N. Southport $ 10 in advance, $ 12 at door (proceeds benefit Christmas Is for Kids) (773) 525-2508

Countrypolitan singer Kelly Hogan has lived a life that rural songs are made of. She was born in Atlanta, where her father is a hostage negotiator and former head of an Atlanta SWAT team. In the early 1990s Hogan was a vocalist for the Jody Grind, one of Atlanta's most eclectic combos.

Hogan will be one of many highlights of the fourth annual Buck Owens Birthday Party Tribute, at 8 p.m. Tuesday at Schubas Tavern. Wednesday is Owens' 69th birthday.

In alphabetical order, other confirmed acts include Diane Christiansen and Steve Dawson of Dolly Varden; soul singer Otis Clay; Robbie Fulks; Jon Langford of the Mekons, Waco Brothers, Skull Orchard and Pine Valley Cosmonauts; Nora O'Connor; Cathy Richardson, and gospel-soul legend Mavis Staples. The five-piece house band will be led by multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire John Rice (Sundowners, Mike Jordan, Otters, Insiders).

As Buckfest organizer John Soss explained, "Back-to-back songs, hit after hit, no repeats, no long set changes, nobody's new album. Just 2 1/2 hours in celebration of Buck's birthday."

Appropriately, Hogan will sing the 1969 hit "Big in Vegas," one of Owens' popular encore numbers. The late Terry Stafford gave Owens permission to rewrite the song from Stafford's hit "Big in Dallas." Stafford's other hits include George Strait's " Amarillo by Morning" and Tony Orlando & Dawn's "Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose."

Terry Stafford
~ Sound-A-Likes

6378 Suspicion
~ Ed Hardin, HIT 112

6444 I'll Touch A Star
~ Bobby Brooks, HIT 127

Sha Mi Sha
Mort Shuman
Philips 40723 (1973)

Mort Shuman d. Sunday, 3 November 1991

Terry Stafford & The Pixies Three

Terry Stafford Story
by Country Music
Disc Jockey Hall of Famer
Dugg Collins

11 January 1992
Sid Wayne, 68, of kidney failure following hospitalization for pneumonia, Dec. 26 in Dallas, Texas. Wayne was an ASCAP songwriter whose best-known works include "See You in September" (written with Sherman Edwards), "It's Impossible," (written with Armando Manzanero), "Two Different Worlds" (written with Al Frisch), and more than 20 songs for Elvis Presley films, including "Did'ja Ever," "Clambake," "Fun in Acapulco," "Lover Doll," "Big Boot," and "Frankfurt Special." Born in New York, Wayne spent most of his music career there and in Los Angeles, where he also did a stint as a DJ for KBLA. He is survived by his wife, Rae; a son, Jeff; and two daughters, Susan and Karen Lee.

The Tennessean
6 Aug 1999

Gene Weed, 64, a leading figure in bringing country music to television, died yesterday morning at his home in Chatsworth, Calif., after a lengthy bout with cancer.

Mr. Weed, senior vice president of television for dick clark productions, produced and directed The Academy of Country Music Awards, which won its time slot every year but one since it was first televised in 1974. Mr. Weed also worked on the production of The Golden Globe Awards and The Soap Opera Digest Awards.

"I always knew that he would be honest, even if it was something I didn't want to hear," Steve Wariner said. "But at the same time, I really trusted him. . . He always had my best interests in mind, every time I did something with him."

Mr. Weed was re-elected this year as president of the ACM, a post he held two times during the 1980s. He also served as the organization's chairman of the board seven times in the past 27 years.

Born April 12, 1935, in Dallas, he became a disc jockey during his studies at North Texas State University, and emerged as the highest-rated personality in every market he worked during his career, including Dallas, Omaha, Miami and Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, his afternoon drive shift on rock station KFWB made him the most-listened-to deejay in the nation, commanding more than 50% of the audience in Los Angeles during 1964-65.

Given his status in pop music, his push to land the ACM awards on TV in 1974 might have seemed unlikely.

"That was not something that people who had a high rock 'n' roll profile were doing," recalled MCA Records Chairman Bruce Hinton, a longtime friend. "I knew his passion for country was real. In those days it would not have been the cool thing to do. Rock 'n' roll was cool, but he went after it and never let it go."

Television is often criticized for placing more importance on recognizable name talent than on the actual quality of its musical shows. But Mr. Weed was particularly attuned to the continual development of new country acts.

"He went against the grain, saying that's part of what makes our show different," Scott Siman, ACM chairman of the board, said. "You need a certain number of superstars to make the show work, but he felt the country fans want to see new talent that's up and coming. If they had a great record, even though they were very new, he would try to present that first on the ACM awards show."

Mr. Weed also produced and directed Hot Country Nights, a weekly prime-time NBC series in 1991-92, and created Prime Time Country, which currently airs on TNN. He held similar positions for such specials as Farm Aid III, Farm Aid IV, Live Aid, My Home's in Alabama and Ernest Tubb, An American Original.

"He became truly a one-man entrepreneur," Dick Clark said. "He would write, direct, produce he was the most independent soul I've ever known."

Arrangements were incomplete yesterday.

Survivors include his wife, Toni Weed; a son, Tyler Weed Chatsworth; four daughters, Chelsea Weed and Kendall Weed, both Chatsworth, Kymberli Weed, San Jose, Calif., and Julie Weed, Evansville, Ind.; two sons, Kent Weed, Los Angeles, and Adam Weed, Nashville; a brother, Ron Weed, Los Angeles; and a sister, Judy Smith, Tampa, Fla.


(RPM 284)

Lou Christie & The Tammys
Egyptian Shumba
Home Page

Elvis Wade

CHER '3614 Jackson Highway' CD Track 02
Written by Buddy Mize, composer of Terry Stafford's "She Wishes I Were You":

(Just Enough To Keep Me)
(Buddy Mize- Ira Allen)
Words And Music Registered 10 April 1964
Atlantic Master 17004 Recorded 23 April 1969, Atco Compatible Stereo Generator (CSG) processed Mono single 45-6704 (B) and Mono single 45-6868

Original version by Ray Sanders and Irene Bell (Stadium single #?, 1964). Versions by the Gosdin Brothers (Bakersfield International single 1002, entered Billboard’s Country chart 7 October 1967, #37), Joe Simon (Sound Stage single SS 2608, entered Billboard's Hot 100 13 April 1968, #25, Bilboard ad 1 June 1968, from 'No Sad Songs', Sound Stage album SS 15004), Vern Gosdin (Elektra single 45353 B, entered Billboard’s Country chart 30 October 1976, #16), Lane Brody (Liberty single B-1519, entered Billboard’s Country chart 12 May 1984, #59), Linda Thompson ('One Clear Moment' LP, 1985, Rhino Handmade CD, 2003) and Robert Burgeis (aRcd Records, forthcoming).

Terry Stafford Music.com

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