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March 1, 2016

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White Whale Stereo album WW 7131, 1970
Album Designed by Kittyhawk Graphics
(Dean O. Torrence of Jan & Dean)
WS 8930 / 8931
Monarch Delta 15025 / -X

First Released As
Musicland USA album 3502, 1967
Album Designed by Lee - Myles Associates, NYC

Produced by Mel Friedman
(d. 30 June 1997)

01. JUST YOU WAIT (W-189-45)
(Mike Krenski - Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland USA single 111,
Cash Box Review 16 September 1967
and White Whale single WW 259,
Billboard and Cash Box Reviews 28 October 1967
Monarch Delta 68701
KXOK Peak #3, Weeks Ending
Saturday 14 and 21 October 1967

02. SILLY GIRL (W-190-45)
(Mike Krenski - Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland USA single 111 B
and White Whale single WW 259 B
Monarch Delta 68701-X

(Mike Krenski - Greg Hoeltzel)

04. MY SHADOW IS GONE (6876)
(Mike Krenski - Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland USA single 20,009 B

05. WATCH OUT (6908)
(Mike Krenski - Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland USA single 20,009, September 1966
KXOK #17, Sat 12 November 1966

(Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil -
Jerry Leiber - Mike Stoller)
Musicland USA single 115 B
KXOK #15, Sat 14 March 1968

(Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland USA single 115, July 1967

(Greg Hoeltzel)

09. PROUD (7049)
(Mike Krenski - Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland USA single 20,014 B

(Mike Krenski - Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland USA single 20,014, March 1967
KXOK #9, Sat 25 February 1967

(Becaud - Delanoe - Sigman)
Exclusive White Whale Album Cut


Collectables Stereo Compact Disc 5688
Released February 27, 1996

My Side Of The Bandstand
an autobiography
by Bob Kuban
w/ Nancy K. Wenger
Published February 2006

In Memoriam

Mel Al Friedman
d. June 30, 1997
(Musicland U.S.A.)

Norman H. Wienstroer
d. February 11, 1999
(Norman Records)

CD Liner Notes
by Harry Young

Bob Kuban and the In-Men racked up three national chart singles (and one chart album) on the Olivette-based Musicland U.S.A. label during 1965-66.
Their horn-driven slice of blue-eyed soul, "The Cheater" (Billboard #12; Cash Box R&B #10), was the FIRST international pop smash written and recorded in St. Louis, Missouri.

Meet Bob Kuban and the In-Men: Bob Kuban (b. St. Louis, August 19, 1942; drums; formerly of Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm), Sir Walter Scott (b. Walter S. Notheis, Jr., February 7, 1943; vocals; formerly of the Pacemakers), John Michael Krenski (aka Mike Evans; b. St. Louis, March 18, 1944; bass guitar & songwriter; formerly of the Mellowtones), Gregory Hoeltzel (aka Greg Roland; Vox organ & songwriter), Patrick Hixon (tenor sax, trumpet), Harry Simon (saxophone), Paul Skip Weisser (trombone) and Emil Ray Schulte (lead guitar; replaced Ken Smith by May 29, 1966 Post-Dispatch article).

1966: Bob Kuban, Skip Weisser,
Pat Hixon, Ray Schulte

The group was founded in 1964 first as the Rhythm Masters and then as The Bob Kuban Band. Soon Norman Wienstroer issued "I Don't Want To Know" (Beecham-Rowberry) / "(You Gotta) Dance With Me" Copyright January 21, 1965 ~ Norman 553, "Jerkin' Time" March 22, 1965 / "Turn On Your Lovelight" ~ Norman 558, Billboard Breakout Single June 5, 1965, Billboard review July 10, 1965 & "I Don't Want To Know" / "Little Girl (Don't You Feel So Sad)" ~ Norman 567, 1965. At various times, Norman Records was located at 1900, 1902, 1906 & 1914 Washington Avenue, St. Louis 3, MO (63103). Phone: MA1-0470, MA1-0075 & CEntral 1-5430. Also at 1906 Washington Street: Roberts Distributors, owned by Robert Hausfatter, Norman Wienstroer, Sales Director. Roberts distributed Norman Records after April 1963.

As per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sunday, February 14, 1999, Norman H. Wienstroer died Thursday, February 11, 1999. The Post-Dispatch did not run an obituary. According to the March 13, 1999 issue of Billboard, Norman Wienstrover (SIC!) died at age 83.

In fall 1965, the act became known as "Bob Kuban and the In-Men." "In" meant in vogue, fashionable, sophisticated -- as in the familiar phrase "I'm in with the in crowd." The name "Bob Kuban and the In-Men" was, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "designed to get across two...very important points. One is that they're an 'in' group, the other is that at the same time they are men, not long-haired freaks." Song Hits magazine: "Their music is pop rather than nerve-jangling rock and roll, and their trademark is that they have cleaned up rock and roll."

"The Cheater" (words & music by John Krenski, Copyright October 10, 1965) was recorded at Technisonic Studios, 1201 S. Brentwood Blvd-- today a parking lot for the Saint Louis Galleria shopping center.

Thanks to the one true Johnny Rabbitt, KXOK DJ Don Pietro 'Monaco (d. April 18, 1997), "The Cheater" appeared on the KXOK Sing-A-Long Survey the week ending Saturday November 20, 1965 and hit #1 the weeks ending January 1, January 8, January 15, January 22 and January 29, 1966.

"The Cheater" entered Billboard's chart at #135 the week ending December 25, 1965 and peaked at #12 the weeks ending March 12 and March 19, 1966

The Look Out For The Cheater album (Billboard #129) hit #1 on the KXOK Top 10 Albums chart the weeks ending April 16, 1966 and April 23, 1966.

Internationally, "The Cheater" blasted to #5 on Toronto's CHUM Hit Parade (on the Barry label) and to #7 in Australia (on the Stateside label). Nashville's Hit label released a sound-a-like cover version of "The Cheater" by The Chellows in early 1966. Del Shannon did The Cheater on his This Is My Bag LP. And in 1973, Musicland U.S.A. issued a stunning Jimmy Testa psychedelic heavy metal version by the FULLY Assembled.

At the height of "Cheater-mania," Washington University & St. Louis Institute of Music graduate Bob Kuban was teaching music five days a week at Bishop DuBourg High School in south St. Louis. Walter Scott was supporting his (first) wife and kids by working as crane operator. Mike Krenski was pursuing a MS in math at St. Louis University and a BS in aeronautical engineering at SLU's Parks College. Greg Hoeltzel was pre-med at Washington University. The other In-Men were students at the St. Louis Institute of Music.

As Bob Kuban told Lyn Cunningham & Jimmy Jones, "At that time, the Viet-Nam war was in full blaze and all of us in the band were draft-bait. Back then you had a choice, stay in school or go to Viet-Nam. I was a teacher, so that kept me out. But none of us could go on the road for any length of time. We had a nine week tour booked in Australia and couldn't go."

In April 1966, the group did make an eight (?) day trip to California. The Turtles opened for Bob Kuban and the In-Men at San Francisco's Cow Palace. Contrary to one published account, Chicago and Blood, Sweat And Tears were NOT on the bill. Chicago and Blood, Sweat And Tears did not even exist in 1966!

In Los Angeles, Otis Redding allegedly joined the In-Men on stage at the Whisky A Go Go, April 8, 9 & 10, 1966. The group also filmed TV spots for Where The Action Is, Never Too Young and American Bandstand. As revealed on the HBO special, America Undercover: Autopsy 3: Voices From The Grave, (premiered Tuesday, November 5, 1996), only five of the eight In-Men appeared on the American Bandstand aired Saturday, April 30, 1966.

Back in St. Louis, the In-Men did weekly Catholic Youth Council dances, rocked Busch Stadium's first Cardinals baseball game, played the Veiled Prophet debutante ball at the Chase-Park Plaza Hotel and appeared in the Muny/Municipal Opera's production of "Bye Bye Birdie." (St. Louis Globe-Democrat: "And who can possibly fault Bob Kuban and the In-Men? They are a clean-cut group specializing in refined rock n roll. They are a dandy addition and judging from last night's response, the audience was packed with their fans. Incidentally, last night's crowd numbered 9,590.")

In addition to regular spots on KSD-TV's Russ Carter-hosted St. Louis Hop, the group was featured on the KMOX-TV prime time special Vacations Unlimited. Bob Kuban even conducted the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra in a performance of "The Cheater" at the Kiel Auditorium Opera House, October 22, 1966.

Bob Kuban and the In-Men frequently performed in St. Louis' GASLIGHT SQUARE district.

Gaslight Square, orginally known as Greenwich Corners, was a two block area at Olive --now Lindell-- & Boyle Avenue. It was a hotbed of Dixieland jazz, blues, pop, folk and vaudeville entertainment. Nightclubs in the area included Pepe's A Go Go, the Whisky A Go Go, Jack's Or Better Hootenanny Club, the Gilded Cage, the Peppermint Club, Your Father's Mustache and the Inferno Show Lounge. Restaurants included the Three Fountains ("Cuisine par Excellence"), Smokey Joe's Grecian Terrace, Port St. Louis, the Chi-Chi and Mr. D's. As per the Globe-Democrat, Gaslight Square was a "dump" by May 1971.

The In-Men followed "The Cheater" with "The Teaser" (Billboard #70; KXOK [#15]). Billboard's review: "Natural successor to his initial disk click... is this well-performed dance beat number headed for the top of the charts." Cash Box: "Hot on the heels of 'The Cheater' smasheroo, Bob Kuban and Co. come up with another sure-fire Musicland winner...a rhythmic, bluesy ode about an unhappy fella trying to please a real fickle gal."

May 1966 saw release of the group's final national charter, a cover of the Beatles' "Drive My Car" (Billboard #93; KXOK [#22]). The Beatles' own version (released on the UK Rubber Soul LP in December 1965) was not available in the U.S.A. until June 20, 1966 on The Beatles: Yesterday And Today LP.

The 'B' side of Kuban's "Drive My Car" was "The Pretzel," written by Krenski in September 1965. As per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "The Pretzel was tied up, more or less, with a new dance by the same name. Some months ago Sanford Gubernick, a St. Louis paper salesman, invented a dance gimmick which he named The Pretzel. It is sort of like a double hula hoop...designed, he explained, to bring dancers back together again."

In September 1966, Krenski and Hoeltzel quit the In-Men and formed the Guise (And Their Mod Sound). "Long Haired Music" by the Guise hit #123 in Billboard. Mike Krenski is now an engineer with McDonnell-Douglas (Boeing) Aircraft. Gregory R. Hoeltzel, DDS, MS, is a dentist with offices two blocks from the former site of Technisonic Studios.

On Friday, June 20, 1969, Bob Kuban and the In-Men appeared at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom, 1106 W. Lawrence. Bob Kuban's Lounge opened at #10 Paddock Hills Plaza, N. Hwy. 140, Florissant, MO (1969). Bob Kuban released a 1970 single on Reprise (REP 0937, BB ad September 12, 1970), a 1975 LP on Norman, and the 1986 Get Ready For Some Rock & Soul LP.

The Bob Kuban Brass appeared at several Cardinals World Series games and on August 16, 1985, backed falsetto king Lou Christie in a massive concert at Busch Stadium.

Jordan Oakes profiled Bob Kuban in the Riverfront Times, March 20, 1996. On June 15, 1996, KLOU-FM presented Bob Kuban with a special record award for "The Cheater" (Paul Hampel, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Thursday, August 1, 1996).

Bob Kuban and the Look Out For The Cheater CD were featured on Channel 5's Show Me St. Louis Tuesday, February 11, 1997. Bob currently owns The Bob Kuban Entertainment Agency, booking St. Louis' most prestigious entertainment events.

In 1966-67, Walter Scott released the Great Scott LP and several solo singles on Musicland U.S.A. Later, Oliver Sain produced Walter's single "The Cheater" / "There'll Always Be A Love Song" (Vanessa V-131).

According to a rather dubious item in the St Louis Post- Dispatch, January 27, 1995, "Lucia Pamela, Miss St. Louis of 1926 and mother of Rams football team owner Georgia Frontiere, cut a duet with the late Walter Scott that's big in underground music circles."

The Ivanhoe and Pzazz label Walter Scott 45s were recorded by a different Chicago-based Walter Scott.

October 1983: Pat Hixon, Harry Simon,
Skip Weisser, Ray Schulte

As Bob Kuban and the In-Men were preparing for a 20th anniversary reunion scheduled for June 23, 1984 at the Fox, Walter Scott mysteriously disappeared. He was last seen walking out his two story home near St. Peters at 7:05PM, December 27, 1983. On April 10, 1987, his badly decomposed, bound body was found floating face down in a cistern. Scott had been shot in the back. Scott's second wife, JoAnn (Calceterra), pled guilty to hindering prosecution in his murder. She received a five year sentence. And JoAnn's boyfriend (whom she married in 1986), James H. Williams, Sr., was found guilty of two counts of capital murder in the deaths of his previous wife, Sharon Williams, and Walter Scott. James H. Williams, Sr received two life terms without the possibility of parole (affirmed by the Missouri Court of Appeals, April 4, 1995). He died in prison September 11, 2011. Walter Scott's mother, Kay Notheis, 88, said, "I was wishing he would live longer so he would have to suffer a little longer." She said she suspected Williams' involvement from the first day her son was reported missing. "He's got to answer to God for what he did," Kay Notheis said. "He killed his wife, and he murdered our son." And Walter Scott still sings, "Tough luck for the Cheater(s), Too bad for the fool-hearted clown(s)."



Collectables Stereo Compact Disc 5688

1. The Cheater*
(John Krenski)
Musicland U.S.A. singles 21,000 and 20,001
Billboard Pop #12
Cash Box R&B #10
Cash Box Pop #15
Variety #14
KQV #13
WKNR #25
WLS #28
Australia #7

2. In The Midnight Hour*
(Steve Cropper-Wilson Pickett)

3. Batman Theme*
(Neil Hefti)
Musicland U.S.A. 20,0017 B, 1967

4. You've Got Your Troubles (I've Got Mine)*
(Roger Greenaway-Roger Cook)

5. All I Want*
(John Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland U.S.A. 20,006 B, Mar 66

6. Harlem Shuffle*
(Bob Relf-E. Nelson)
Musicland U.S.A. 20,013, Oct 66
Billboard review Oct 22, 1966

7. These Boots Were Made For Walking*
(Lee Hazelwood)

8. Theme From Virginia Wolfe*
(Don Kirkpatrick-Kevin Knox)
Musicland U.S.A. 20,013 B, Oct 66

9. Get Out*
(Lincoln Chase)
Orginal version by Shirley Ellis
'B' side of "(That's) What The Nitty Gritty Is,"
Feb 1964

10. Try Me Baby*
(Patrick Hixon)
Musicland U.S.A. 6548 B, Nov 65;
20,000 B, Dec 65 & 20,001 B, Dec 65

11. Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S.)*
(Chas. Hatcher-Al Hamilton-Richard Morris)

12. You Better Run - You Better Hide+
(Felix Cavaliere-Eddie Brigati)
Musicland U.S.A. 20, 017, 1967

13. Drive My Car+
(John Lennon-Paul McCartney)
Musicland U.S.A. 20,007, May 66
Billboard review Jun 18, 1966
Billboard #93
Cash Box #99

14. Little Girl (Don't You Feel So Sad)+
(John F. Koechner-Muriel Gibbs-Donald Lane Hill)
Copyright May 17, 1965
Vocal by The Three Dimension
Norman 567 B, 65
Musicland U.S.A. 113 B, Sept 67

15. Pretzel Party+
(John Krenski)

The Pretzel
(John Krenski)
Copyright Sept 23, 1965
Musicland U.S.A. 20,007 B, May 66
Art Sleeve

16. Turn On Your Love Light+
Norman 558 B, May 65

17. Jerkin' Time+
(John Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel)
Norman 558, May 65
Billboard Breakout Single June 5, 1965 (St. Louis)
Billboard Review July 10, 1965
KXOK June 5, 1965 #18
KXOK June 12, 1965 #15
KXOK June 19, 1965 # ?
KXOK June 26, 1965 #19
KXOK July 3, 1965 #18
KXOK July 10, 1965 #26
Credited to Bob Kuban & the In-Men, Jerkin' Time appeared on Norman album NL112 / NS212 Meet Me In St Louis

18. The Teaser+
(John Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland U.S.A. 20,006, Mar 66
Billboard review Apr 9, 1966
Billboard #70
Cash Box #99

19. I Don't Want To Know+
Norman 553, Jan 65
Norman 567, May 65

20. (You Gotta) Dance With Me+
(John Krenski)
Norman 553 B, Jan 65

21. Wait Until Tomorrow+
(Peter Faletti-Jim Zimmer)
Musicland U.S.A. 113, Sept 67
Also recorded by The Spirit of St. Louis
Fona 11417-01 B, Philips 40545

22. My Shadow Is Gone#
(John Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland U.S.A. 20,009 B, Sept 66
Arranged by John Krenski & Greg Hoeltzel

23. Watch Out#
(John Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland U.S.A 20,009, Sept 66
Arranged by Bill Justis
KXOK #[17]

24. Proud#
(John Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland U.S.A. 20,014 B, Mar 67

25. It's Been A Long Time#
(John Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel)
Musicland U.S.A. 20,014, Mar 67

Compilation Produced by Harry Young

Album / Sources:
* Look Out For The Cheater, Musicland U.S.A. LP 3500, Mar 66
Billboard review Apr 9, 1966
+ The Bob Kuban Explosion, Musicland U.S.A. LP 3501, 1966
# Walter Scott: Great Scott, Musicland U.S.A. LP 3502, 1967

Look Out For The Cheater
Collectables CD 5688
reviewed / mentioned:

DisCoveries, April 1996

Goldmine, March 15, 1996

Spotlight, June-July, 1996

St. Louis Times, June 1996
byline: Terry Winkelmann

Dick Bartley, June 15, 1996

Rocktober #17, October 1996

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, June 7 & August 29, 1996

Get Out, July 25 & August 1, 1996

Riverfront Times, March 20-26, 1996

Rock House, 93/4, page 29
Espen Harstad, Lachmannsvei 70c, 0495, Oslo Norway

Record Collector #202, June 1996:
" 'The Cheater' is a blue-eyed Northern Soul classic, courtesy of the superb lead vocal from one Walter Notheis. For publicity purposes, notheis renamed himself Sir Walter Scott, and for a few months in 1966 drummer Kuban, Scott and the rest of the In-Men were a hot pop band beyond the city limits of st. Louis, Missouri. Sadly, they could never manage another nationwide US smash, but their legacy--gathered on this fine CD--marks them out as one of the finest white soul bands of the era.

As early as January 1965, Kuban's crew were proving their credentials, with a debut single ('I Don't Want to Know') that outstripped the limitations of the song, and a follow-up that featured a driving version of Bobby Bland's R&B favorite, 'Turn On Your Love Light.' The success of 'The Cheater' prompted a hasty album, which mixed R&B covers with original material like the fine torch ballad, 'Try Me Baby.'

This Collectables CD features the whole of that debut album, plus singles early and late, and four solo tracks by Walter Scott. It also provides a tragic postscript: Scott disappeared in December 1983, and was later found to have been murdered by his wife's lover. The killer is serving a life sentence; the wife got five years; and Scott lives on only via these classy blue-eyed soul records from 30 years ago." (PD)


Another HIT to follow "CHEATER"

The "PRETZEL" brings you the third release of that far-out sound from Bob Kuban and the "IN MEN"! These college men, all academically solid, serious musicians, have developed a dynamic combination of guitars, drums sax, trombone and organ that really delivers the messgae to young dancers!

The boys had been ranging the Midwest, racking up follower after follower in colleges, high schools and various "In groups," 'till they finally responded to the request, "Cut us a record!" the resulting "CHEATER" captured thousands of new admirers, topped the record charts in most of the States and is currently setting fire to the World Market! As a result these outstanding young musicians have been requested to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show, Hullabaloo, American Bandstand, and many other Top TV programs.

Now, with the releaseof the "PRETZEL," the group is pulling out all the stops! Here's a new piece that really swings. In addition, an entirely new idea in teen-age dancing fun is being introduced. A big plastic PRETZEL, that the couple crawls right into, gives a fabulous twist to all the poular dances. It provides a sense of togetherness never found by holding hands! It permits leaning, bending and dipping as you never did before! Pick up a PRETZEL to dance the PRETZEL to Bob Kuban's PRETZEL! More fun yet--get several and have a PRETZEL PARTY!

As this record is introduced, Bob Kuban and the IN-MEN are starting on a cross-country tour. Watch for themin your area! Go and hear THE CHEATER and most of all, dance to THE PRETZEL! And don't forget to bring your PREZEL! Get your official PRETZEL by Steven from your Record or Toy Department.

"The Cheater" appeared in mono on the Beg, Scream and Shout! box set (Rhino R2 72815, 1997).
The box included a Bob Kuban trading card (#136) with text written by James Austin.

"The Cheater" appeared on Glenn A. Baker's Resurrection Selection; Hard To Get Hits, Volume Two,
Australia Columbia CD 471652-2, 1992.

See "Post-Dispatch Stories Make Rabbitt Hopping Mad," Larry Hoffman, AM / FM column, St Louis Journalism Review, Sept 1996, page 7.
Also, Billboard, Feb 26, 1966 "KXOK Rock King In St. Louis": "Rabbitt, whose real name is Don Pietro 'Monaco, received a 50% share of Billboard's Radio Response Rating survey. His share of the audience ranges to 53% at different times. "

From Beatle Bob Matonis' Johnny Rabbitt piece in the June 1997 issue of Night Times:

"...It was September of 1964, when Don Pietromonaco arrived in St. Louis. The theater for his inimitable brilliance was KXOK, 630 on your AM dial...

Manning the prime slot of 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight, the new Johnny Rabbitt was like nothing that had ever shot out of the cannon of St. Louis radio: a suave, high strung word machine flashing on the latest rock and roll impending mania. His motormouth partner was Bruno J. Grunion, a character that only existed on reel-to-reel tapes, whose gravelly voice was that of Johnny Rabbitt's in disguise.

Coolness busts all over, in bits and frames; The transcendent cheesiness of their commercials, a series of unparalleled skits where Johnny Rabbitt and Bruno would carry the listeners down a twisting word-road where puns sway and far-out concepts bloom. Their fandom grew in such numbers that the Johnny Rabbitt Army membership grew to over fifty-thousand in number, with enlistees joining in from twenty-three different states! From the years 1964-1967, the Johnny Rabbitt Show was the highest rated in its time slot in the St. Louis area. Even Harry Caray, Jack Buck, and the Go-Go Baseball Cardinals could not best the dynamic duo of Johnny Rabbitt and Bruno J. Grunion. During those same three years, Johnny Rabbitt continually placed in Billboard Magazine's weekly ratings as one of the Top Ten disc Jockeys in the country.

A live Johnny Rabbitt broadcast was pure pandemonium. Once the Rabbitt urged everyone to come on down for a Columbia Records give-away inside downtown's Stix-Baer & Fuller. Thousands jammed the store. Thousands more mobbed the streets, forcing cops to close down a virtually gridlocked city! On their first U.S. tour, in 1964 Paul Revere and the Raiders drew a scant three-hundred to their Chain of Rocks Amusement Park show. Johnny Rabbitt's Teen Town singin' soiree the same night [featured the Rabb] in an ocean blue sharkskin suit and top-hat with the trademark Rabbitt ears protruding from the sides. The gym was packed to the limit with continental hipsters and transistor sisters all razor-cut and fabulashed, moving and grooving to the Push and Shake. and over by the bandstand with Bob Kuban and the In-Men, there's Johnny Rabbitt again- hart askew, hully-gullying with a bevy of capri-clad Ronettes clones as the band blasts "Money."

If you were a local band, a Johnny Rabbitt plug was a 'Ticket To Ride' for area stardom... A local group could bring their single to KXOK, and by the end of the evening it'd be airing as an extra on the Johnny Rabbitt show. It didn't matter if your band was new on the scene, if you made a killer disc, the Rabbitt would blab it through the airwaves indefinitely...

At least once a month I pull out a taped Johnny Rabbitt show and introduce someone else to the man. Sometimes when I listen I dance. Other times I have a perpetual smile on my face, and there are times that I cry because he brings back some of the greatest memories of my childhood when the bulk of my family and friends were young, living, and loving me... He was part of my family, the invisible guardian who sat with me sometimes when I was alone, filling the room with his voice that boomed out of our big Motorola combination radio-record player. The compartment at the bottom held all the 45's he gave me when I was his gopher at KXOK from 1964-1965...

Donald Pietromonaco-Johnny Rabbitt, 61 died of complications from emphysema, April 18, 1997 in West Los Angeles, ending his illustrious career as a child actor on TV and the big screen, and St. Louis' greatest rock and roll DJ.


~ reprinted with permission from Night Times

St. Louis was "the nation's 10th largest radio market" in 1965-66.

KXOK, 630kc, 1600 N. Kingshighway Blvd., was part of the Storz Broadcasting chain: WQAM Miami, WHB Kansas City, WDGY Mpls-St. Paul, KOMA Oklahoma City and WTIX New Orleans.

by Harry Young

1966: 8506 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, Missouri WY1-0383

The Chevels: Funny What A Fella Can Do Copyright Oct 10, 1965, You're Gonna Look My Way (Jim Campbell) Copyright Sept 20, 1965, Just Wastin' My Time Copyright Sept 15, 1965, Leave Me Alone Copyright Oct 18, 1965, I Just Want To Dance (Jim Campbell-Bill Livsey) Copyright Sept 20, 1965

21,000 Bob Kuban and the In-Men
Vocal by Walter Scott
The Cheater (6548) / Try Me Baby (6549)

20,001 The Cheater (6610) / Try Me Baby (6611)

20,002 The Sheratons:
Tell Her I'm Not Home (6628) /
Gonna Look My Way (6629)

20,003 Bob Kuban & The In-Men:
Pretzel Party (6754) /
The Pretzel (6645-R)

20,004 The Profiles: Raindrops / Windfall

20,005 The Arter Set:
Sermon / The Wayward Wind

20,006 Bob Kuban and the In-Men:
The Teaser (6713) May 3, 1966 / All I Want (6714) Copyright Mar 28, 1966

LP 3500 Look Out For The Cheater
Billboard review Apr 9, 1966

20,007 Bob Kuban and the In-Men:
Drive My Car (6792) / The Pretzel (6645) Copyright Sept 23, 1965

20,008 The Best Brothers:
Along Came Jones /
You Came A Long Way From St. Louis
Vocals: Bobby Hunt (replaced Walter Scott when Scott left the In-Men to form The Guise), Guitar: Lou Rizzo, Bass: Rich Lillie, Sax: Eric Sager, Drums: Johnny Ricco. Recorded at Technosonic

20,009 Walter Scott:
Watch Out (6908) Sept 27, 1966 / My Shadow Is Gone (6876) Sept 29, 1966

20,010 The Chevels:
Play Me A Sad Song / Devil's Little Angel Sept 29, 1966

20,011 The Guise:
Long Haired Music (6915) Sept 29, 1966 / When You're Sorry (6916) Oct 7, 1966

20,012 Herman Grimes:
The Wrong Side Of Town (6927) /
I'll Make You Smile Again (6928)
Produced by Bill Justis
KXOK #35

20,013 Bob Kuban and the In-Men:
Harlem Shuffle (6935) / Theme From Virgina Wolfe (6936)

20,014 Walter Scott:
It's Been A Long Time Copyright Mar 23, 1967 / Proud Feb 9, 1967

20,015 The Guise:
Chumpy McGee (7058) Mar 7, 1967 / Half A Man (7059) Apr 13, 1967

20,016 Gayle McCormick:
Without You /
The Klassmen:
Can't You Hear The Music

20,017 Bob Kuban and the In-Men:
You Better Run-You Better Hide (7094) / Batman Theme (7095)

1967: No. 9 Fawnridge Ct., St. Louis, Missouri HE2-8872

LP 3501 The Bob Kuban Explosion

LP 3502 Walter Scott:
Great Scott
generic photo-insert cover art

White Whale LP WW 7131 Walter Scott:
Just You Wait
w/ added song: What Now My Love

111 Walter Scott:
Just You Wait July 26, 1967 / Silly Girl Copyright Aug 21, 1967

White Whale 258 Walter Scott:
Just You Wait / Silly Girl

112 The Guise:
The Looking Glass July 28, 1967 / Biographical Excerpt File 6319Q July 28, 1967

113 Bob Kuban and the In-Men:
Wait Until Tomorrow Sept 29, 1967 / Little Girl (Don't You Feel So Sad) May 17, 1965

114 The Guise:
Time July 26, 1967 / News July 26, 1967

115 Walter Scott:
Sally's Gone Away July 28, 1967 / On Broadway

116 The Last Resort:
The Next To Nothing / I'm Going To Fight

117 Bobby Medley:
Turn On Girl / Play Girl

118 Gayle McCormick & The Klassmen:
Wonderous Time /
Mr. Loveman © Feb 15, 1965

119 The Guise:
Girl, Make Up Your Mind / Nothing Else But Love Jan 29, 1968

Atco 45-6599 The Guise:
Girl, Make Up Your Mind / Nothing Else But Love
Atlantic Masters: Jun 21, 1968

Atco 45-6686 The Guise:
Mornin' Mornin' Apr 1, 1969 / Waitin' Round The Corner July 15, 1969
Atlantic Masters: Jun 4, 1969

Atco 45-6760 Jake Jones:
The Train Keeps On Rollin' Jun 1, 1970 / Live Live Live Jun 1, 1970
Atlantic Masters: Feb 19, 1970

Kapp 2138 Jake Jones:
Mirrored Door / Feather Bed
rel April 1971

Kapp 2143 Jake Jones:
Trippin' Down A Country Road / Breathe Deep
rel August 1971

Jake Jones
Kapp LP KS-3648
Jake Jones :
Ill-Mo Junction (Charles Sabatino), Trippin' Down A Country Road (Charles Sabatino), Mirrored Door (Charles Sabatino), She Must Be Free (Phil Jost), In All My Dreams (Joseph Marshall), Side Two: Breathe Deep (Mike Krenski), Lost In My Own Back Yard (Charles Sabatino), Feather Bed (Mike Krenski), Catch The Wind (Donovan), I'll Be Seeing You (Frogs In The Moonlight) (Phil Jost), all Apr 5, 1971
~ BB rvw Apr 17, 1971

Kapp 2154 Jake Jones:
I'll See You Through Aug 5, 1971 / Of No Concern Nov 8, 1971
Var rvw Dec 8, 1971

Jake Jones:
Kapp LP KS-3657
Different Roads:
Santa Fe Stage (Sabatino), After The Harvest (Sabatino), Child Child (Sabatino), Different Roads, It's Only Love You Know, Motherly Comfort, South To Sacramento, Speak To Me Lady, Suite From The Court Jester, When Your Brother (Krenski), all Nov 1971
~ Var rvw Dec 22, 1971

Unreleased Jake Jones LP Advance Chess:
Wake Up, I'm Leaving It All Up To You, Advance Chess, My Love, Together, The Kiss Of Death, Lyrical Wizard, Freedom Day, Boat Song, Don't Let Lost Time Bring You Down, all Mar 28, 1973

Musicland U.S.A. 1111 FULLY Assembled:
The Cheater / Feel It (Gregory Grandillo) 1973

Midwest LP 2001
A Full Moon Consort:
The Men In The Moon
Rec Technisonic
The Great Wall
They Don't Know Where They're Going
Walking The Streets At Night
My Blue Roots
Love Me Down
I'm Telling You
Let's All Dream Together
Come On Home
~ Charles Sabatino

A Full Moon Consort:
Charles Sabatino
Steve Strayhorn
Joseph Marshall &
Joe Truttman

Charles Sabatino died "recently" at age 43 (Los Angles Times, March 15, 1996). He had a "massive brainstem stroke in January 1994 that left him unable to speak" (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 15, 1994).

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
September 10, 1995, Sunday
My husband and I often went down to Gaslight Square in the 1960s and loved all the music that was played at the clubs there. We were wondering if any recordings were ever made of these bands especially the jazz.
Elizabeth Robards,
St. Ann

Veteran record distributor Norman Wienstroer recorded artists who appeared on Gaslight Square in those halcyon days on his Norman Records label. Artist Singleton Palmer headlines one album, "Dixie by Gaslight." Wienstroer also recorded the Quartet Tres Bien from a club called the Dark Side; Sammy Gardner, Muggsy Sprecher at the Gaslighters Saloon; Jeanne Trevor at the Dark Side; and Marty Bronson live from his club, Marty's. He also put together a collage of many artists on a CD titled "Gaslight Square." This last is available in most stores. If you can't find it, call Wienstroer at St. Louis Talent Associates, 894-5555.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
April 14, 1994, THURSDAY,

IN MEMORIAM: Another landmark gone! Al Chotin, who his pals knew as Al Chotinsky, was buried Sunday, just after his last wish was read aloud, asking everyone to laugh, not mourn. The twinkley-eyed, humorous entrepreneur's greatest talent was making everyone feel better, recalled his colleague Marty Bronson. A week before he died, the 77-year-old Chotin asked his beloved wife, June, to order the docs to discontinue dialysis.

Liquor store owner, salesman, radio personality (he even did bit parts on KMOX's weekly, live drama "The Land We Live In"), record promoter and advertising maven were some of the vocations Al filled.

In later years, Chotin aligned with his old pal Jack Carney when Carney returned to St. Louis from San Francisco to broadcast a daily show on the Voice of St. Louis. Another of Chotin's colleagues, Norman Wienstroer, explained Al's relationship with Carney: "Every time a client called Jack to advertise on his show, Jack would tell him to call Chotin at St. Louis Talent Associates. We would then land the account. At one point, we represented 20 clients."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
November 20, 1992, FRIDAY,

Then there's talent maven Norman Wienstroer, who mugged, "I just spoke to Dal (Maxvill), and here's the opening-day lineup: Who's on first. What's on second. I don't know is at shortstop!"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
October 19, 1991, SATURDAY,

MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS: It was 1957 and Norman Wienstroer was national sales manager for the Coral/Brunswick record labels (subsidiaries of Decca). Norman Petty of the New York headquarters submitted to Wienstroer a master that he had produced with a five-member group called the Crickets in his Clovis, N.M., studio. ''One side of the record was the song 'That'll Be the Day,' '' recalled Wienstroer, ''and we released it on our Brunswick label, which had previously devoted itself to jazz recordings. As best I can remember, we paid a $200 advance and a 5 percent royalty to Petty.'' As they say, the rest is history. The record took off and ''never stopped selling,'' said Wienstroer. ''Buddy Holly was the lead singer with the Crickets, and I had lunch with him and his wife in Manhattan, two weeks before his tour with the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens.'' All three died in a plane crash during that 1959 tour. The Holly story is the theme of the musical ''Buddy,'' opening Tuesday at the Fox.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
August 8, 1989, TUESDAY,

Is the slogan ''Sold on St. Louis'' a lot of hooey? It is if you listen to St. Louis Talent Associates' Norman Wienstroer, who is doing a slow burn over the RCGA campaign. Just a few examples of why ol' Norm is stewing: ''Forest Park Forever selected the New York firm Bruce Kelly-David Varnell to serve as consultant for a landscape plan; St. Louis Mayor Vincent C. Schoemehl Jr. has imported two New England hotshots to assist with development; Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages turned over its $10 million annual advertising account to a San Francisco ad shop; the VP Fair entertainment committee booked beaucoup out-of-town musicians for the recent riverfront follies; and Channel 5 is producing many of its promos in Los Angeles.''

(314) 532-0788


Released May 26, 2003
The AeroVons
RPM CD 261

"Meetings with the Beatles, recording sessions at Abbey Road, and one amazing album, Resurrection. Beautifully-produced string-laden pop with soaring melodies and sweet harmonies, it's one of the most wonderful pop albums of the late 60's."

RPM's excellent AeroVons CD package includes:
AeroVons Teen Dance flyer from the Union City Auditiorium, Union, MO
'Rock AeroVons Fly High' illustrated Feb 1969 Post-Dispatch article by Harper Barnes
Original "World Of You" demo recording and acetate label from PREMIER Film And Recording Corporation, St Louis, MO
1968 Photo of the AeroVons departing for London from Lambert International Airport (Eastern airlines)
Liner notes mention Bob Kuban's weekly column in the Post-Dispatch, the Guise, the Intruders, the Unknowns, the XLs, the Acid Set, the Good Feelin', the Bat Cave, the Castaways, the Rainy Daze and the Beatles' 21 August 1966 concert at Busch Stadium.

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